YenThi Hai NGUYEN (Sarah)

Research Group: Demography of Austria

Phone: +43 1 51581 - 7756

E-Mail: thihaien.nguyen(at)

selected publications:

Yen, N.T.H, Sukontamarn. (2021). Women’s education and desire for additional children in developing countries: An empirical investigation of regional differences and the role of son preference in Vietnam ", Journal of Biosocial science (Q1), 1-20. doi:

Yen, N.T.H, Sukontamarn & Truc. (2020). Sex composition of living children and women’s fertility desire in Vietnam, Journal of Family & Reproductive Health, 14(4), 234. doi: 10.18502/jfrh.v14i4.5207

Yen, N.T.H, Chankrajang & Truc. (2017). Maternal Education and Fertility: An Analysis from Vietnam Census, 1989 and 2009. Journal of Demography, 33(1), June 2017.


Research Areas

Areas of Expertise

  • Fertility desire
  • Gender Bias