Vanessa Di Lego

Research Group: Health and Longevity

Phone: +43 1 51581 - 7741

E-Mail: Vanessa.DiLego(at)

Selected Publications:

  • Vanessa di Lego, Miguel Sanchez-Romero & Alexia Prskawetz. (2022). The impact of COVID-19 vaccines on the Case Fatality Rate: The importance of monitoring breakthrough infections. International Journal Of Infectious Diseases, 119, 178-183.
  • di Lego V. (2021). Health expectancy indicators: what do they measure?. Cadernos Saúde Coletiva, ahead of print, 1-14.
  • Nepomuceno M. R., di Lego V. & Turra C. M. (2021). Gender disparities in health at older ages and their consequences for well-being in Latin America and the Caribbean. Vienna Yearbook Of Population Research, 19, 1-23.
  • Sanchez-Romero M., di Lego Goncalves V., Prskawetz A. & L. Queiroz B. (2021). An indirect method to monitor the fraction of people ever infected with COVID-19: An application to the United States. Plos One, 16, 1-14.

Research Areas

Areas of Expertise

  • Formal demography
  • Differential longevity and mortality of subgroups
  • Life table techniques