Thomas Fent

Research Group: Economic Demography

Phone: +43 1 51581 - 7715

E-Mail: thomas.fent(at)

Selected Publications:

  • Haas W., Koland O., Moshammer H., Muttarak R., Striessnig E., Frankovic I., et al. (2018). Österreichischer Special Report Gesundheit, Demographie und Klimawandel, Austrian Panel on Climate Change(p. 318). In (p. 318). Wien.
  • De Mulder W., Bernhard Rengs, Geert Molenberghs, Thomas Fent & Geert Verbeke. (2018). Extending Gaussian process emulation using cluster analysis and artificial neural networks to fit big training sets. Journal Of Simulation, 13, 195–208.
  • De Mulder W., Rengs B., Fent T., Molenberghs G. & Verbeke G. (2016). Evaluation of Some Validation Measures for Gaussian Process Emulation: a Case Study with an Agent-Based Model. International Journal On Advances In Systems And Measurements, 9, 188-198.
  • Fent T., Aparicio Diaz B. & Prskawetz A. (2013). Family Policies in the Context of Low Fertility and Social Structure. Demographic Research, 963-998.
  • Aparicio Diaz B., Fent T., Prskawetz A. & Bernardi L. (2011). Transition to parenthood: The role of social interaction and endogenous networks. Demography, 48, 559-579.
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Research Areas

Areas of Expertise

  • Social Interactions & Demographic Behaviour
  • Fertility, Family Dynamics and Family Policies
  • Economics of Ageing
  • Ageing and Human Capital
  • Agent-based Models