Ross Barker

Research Group: Fertility and Family

Phone: +43 1 51581 - 7756

E-Mail: ross.barker(at)


Ross Barker joined the “Family and Fertility” research group of the Vienna Institute of Demography as a Research Assistant in September 2020, and will be pursuing a PhD in Demography at the University of Vienna. Ross’ work at the Wittgenstein centre focusses on modelling fertility intentions throughout the life course. His main interest area is the role of socio-demographic characteristics on fertility intentions and the ability to realise such intentions.

Ross’ master’s degree in Demography is from the University of Southampton, where he specialised in spatially-influenced fertility outcomes. Prior to his Masters, he completed a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from the University of Leeds. Due to this geographical background, he is interested in the spatial distributions and processes at play regarding fertility. Moreover, Ross intends to explore how digital demography can be used to further understand fertility intentions and outcomes.


Areas of Expertise

  • Fertility Intentions & Outcomes
  • Spatial Demography


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