Roman Hoffmann

Research Group: Migration, Education and Environment

Phone: +43 1 51581 - 7745

E-Mail: roman.hoffmann(at)

Selected Publications

Greening through Schooling: Understanding the Link between Education and Pro-Environmental Behavior in the Philippines
Author(s): Hoffmann R, & Muttarak R
Reference: Environmental Research Letters 15(1): 014009  - blog
Year: 2020

Data for a difficult subject: Climate Change and Human Migration
Author(s): Hoffmann R
Reference: Migration, Policy, Practice 10(1): 16-21
Year: 2020

Evaluating an MFI Community Health Worker Program: How microfinance group networks influence intervention outreach and impact
Author(s): Hoffmann R
Reference: Journal of Global Health 9 (1): 010435
Year: 2019

Learn from the Past, Prepare for the Future: Impacts of Education and Experience on Disaster Preparedness in the Philippines and Thailand
Author(s): Hoffmann R, & Muttarak R
Reference: World Development, 96: 32-51 - blog
Year: 2017



Areas of Expertise

  • Climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation
  • Climate migration, poverty and resilience
  • Environmental health, public health
  • Econometrics, data science, experimental economics, impact evaluations