Markus Sauerberg

Full list of Publications:

  • Ghislandi S., Muttarak R., Sauerberg M. & Scotti B. (2021). Human costs of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in the major epicenters in Italy. Vienna Yearbook Of Population Research 2022, 20, tbd - online first.
  • Sauerberg M. (2021). The impact of population's educational composition on Healthy Life Years: An empirical illustration of 16 European countries. Ssm - Population Health, 1-11.
  • Sauerberg M., Guillot M. & Luy M. (2020). The cross-sectional average length of healthy life (HCAL): a measure that summarizes the history of cohort health and mortality. Population Health Metrics, 18, 1-17.
  • Luy M., Di Giulio P., Di Lego V., Patrick Lazarevič & Sauerberg M. (2020). Life expectancy: frequently used, but hardly understood. Gerontology, 66, 95-104.
  • Sauerberg M. (2020). Assessing population health in Europe: empirical findings and methodological issues. Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Wien.
  • Sauerberg M. (2020). The Role of Education for Assessing Population Health: An Analysis of Healthy Life Expectancy by Educational Attainment for 16 European Countries. Retrievedde
  • Ghislandi S., Muttarak R., Sauerberg M. & Scotti B. (2020). News from the front: Estimation of excess mortality and life expectancy in the major epicenters of the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy(pp. 1-22).
  • Claudia Stöllberger, Markus Sauerberg & Josef Finsterer. (2019). Immediate versus delayed detection of Takotsubo syndrome after epileptic seizures. Journal Of The Neurological Sciences, 42-47.
  • Sobotka T., Zeman K., di Lego V., Goujon A., Hammer B., Loichinger E., et al. (2018). European Demographic Datasheet 2018. Retrievedde
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