Maria Winkler-Dworak

Research Group: Economic Demography

Phone: +43 1 515 81 - 7709

E-Mail: maria.winkler-dworak(at)


Maria Winkler-Dworak joined the Vienna Institute of Demography in 1999. She also was lecturing population economics at the University of Bamberg (2007) and demographic methods at the University of Vienna (2008-2016). Since 2017, she has been Managing Editor of the Vienna Yearbook of Population Research.

Maria Winkler-Dworak received her doctorate in mathematics at the Vienna University of Technology in 2002 with her dissertation on the nexus of population growth, food insecurity and environmental degradation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Her current research interests include various aspects of fertility, cohabitation, and marriage; recently, with a particular focus on the modelling and simulation of family life courses. Besides her work on family change, she also has published on the ageing and longevity of members of European learned societies.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Union Instability & Fertility
  • Mortality of Elite Groups

Selected Publications:

  • Winkler-Dworak, M., E. Beaujouan, P. Di Giulio, and M. Spielauer.2021. “Simulating Family Life Courses: An Application For Italy, Great Britain, Norway And Sweden”. Demographic Research44:1-48.
  • Feichtinger, G., D. Grass, and M. Winkler-Dworak.2020. “The Mathematics Of Ageing: Linking Demography And Operations Research To Study The Greying Of Academia”. Central European Journal Of Operations Research28:371–399. Retrieved(
  • Thomson, E., M. Winkler-Dworak, and E. Beaujouan.2019. “Contribution Of The Rise In Cohabiting Parenthood To Family Instability: Cohort Change In Italy, Great Britain, And Scandinavia”. Demography56:2063–2082. Retrieved(
  • Maria Winkler-Dworak,, Eva Beaujouan, P. Di Giulio, and Martin Spielauer.2019. “Simulating Family Life Courses: An Application For Italy, Great Britain, And Scandinavia”. Retrieved(