Klaus Prettner

Research Group:  Economic Demography

E-Mail:  klaus.prettner(at)oeaw.ac.at

Selected Publications:

Bloom, D.E., Kuhn, M., Prettner, K. (2021). Modern Infectious Diseases: Macroeconomic Impacts and Policy Responses. Journal of Economic Literature (forthcoming).

Bloom, D.E., Khoury, A., Kufenko, V., Prettner, K. (2021). Spurring Economic Growth through Human Development: Research Results and Guidance for Policymakers. Population and Development Review (forthcoming).

Prettner, K., Strulik, H. (2020). Innovation, Automation, and Inequality: Policy Challenges in the Race Against the Machine.Journal of Monetary Economics 116, 249-265.

Bloom, D.E., Kuhn, M., Prettner, K. (2020). The contribution of female health to economic development.The Economic Journal 130, 1650-1677.

Research Areas

Areas of Expertise

  • Demographic change and its economic consequences
  • Digitalization in an ageing society