Caroline Berghammer

Research Group: Fertility and Family

Phone: +43 1 51581 - 7725

E-Mail: caroline.berghammer(at)

Selected Publications:

Contextualizing the education effect on women's employment: a cross-national comparative analysis

Author(s): Steiber N, Berghammer C, Haas B
Reference: Journal of Marriage and the Family, online first: 19 Oct 2015
Year: 2015

The return of the male breadwinner model? Educational effects on parents' work arrangements in Austria, 1980-2009
Author(s): Berghammer C
Reference: Employment and Society 28(4), S. 611-632
Year: 2014

Cohabitation and marriage in Austria: assessing the individualization thesis across the life course
Author(s): Berghammer C, Fliegenschnee K, Schmidt EM
Reference: Demographic Research 31(37), S. 1137-1166
Year: 2014

Areas of Expertise

  • Parents' Employment and Time-use
  • Religion and Fertility
  • Cohabitation and Non-Marital Childbearing
  • Inequality between Families