Caner Özdemir

Research Group: Human Capital Data Lab

Phone: +43 1 51581 - 7737

E-Mail: caner.oezdemir(at)


Caner Özdemir is a post-doctoral researcher at the VID. He is also an assistant professor at Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University (Turkey), Department of Labor Economics and Industrial Relations. He had his PhD from Middle East Technical University (METU) Department of Sociology. His PhD thesis was titled Relationship between equity and excellence in education: multilevel analysis of international student assessment data with a focus on Turkey. He spent a year of his doctoral studies at University of Stirling as a  Jean Monnet Scholar.  He had his MSc in Social Policy and BSc in Statistics from METU. He also worked as research and teaching assistant at METU and as a teaching assistant at University of Stirling.

His research focus is on social inequalities in general. Specifically, he has been involved in research investigating intergenerational transmission of inequalities and their reproduction through education, family background and occupational status. Methodologically, he mostly uses quantitative analysis of large scale survey data. He is also interested in sociology of education, social policy and youth studies.


Areas of Expertise

  • Education
  • Social stratification & mobility
  • Social policy


Research Areas

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications

Equity in the Turkish Education System: multilevel analysis of social background influences on mathematics performance of 15-year-old students
Author(s): Özdemir, C
Reference: European Educational Research Journal, 15 (2) pp.193-217.
Year: 2016

A Methodological Review of Research Using OECD PISA Turkey Data
Author(s): Özdemir, C
Reference: Journal of Education Science Society, 14 (56) pp.10-27
Year: 2016

The Effects of Expansion of Higher Education on Social Stratification in Turkey
Author(s): Özdemir, C
Reference: Journal of Higher Education and Science, 8 (3) pp.541-551
Year: 2018