Anne Goujon

Research Group: Human Capital Data Lab

Phone: (on leave)

E-Mail: anne.goujon(at)

Selected Publications:

  • Özdemir C., Reiter C., Yildiz D. & Goujon A. (2022). Projections of adult skills and the effect of COVID-19. Plos One, 17, 1-14.
  • Goujon A. (2022). 8 Billion and Then What?. In R. Muttarak & Wilde, J. (Eds.), The World at 8 BillionThe World at 8 Billion (Vol. 17, pp. 16-17).
  • Ghio D., Bosco C., Natale F., Loeschner J. & Goujon A. (2022). Age patterns of net migration and urbanisation dynamics across European municipalities. Population, Space And Place, X, e99.
  • Ghio D., Goujon A. & Natale F. (2022). Assessing the demographic impact of migration on the working-age population across European territories. Demographic Research, 46, 261-272.
  • 1

Exploratory Assessment of the Census of Pakistan Using Demographic Analysis
Author(s): Wazir A & Goujon A
Reference: Journal of Official Statistics, 37(3): 719-750. 10.2478/jos-2021-0032
Year: 2021

Demographic and territorial characteristics of COVID-19 cases and excess mortality in the European Union during the first wave
Author(s): Goujon A, Natale F, Ghio D & Conte A
Reference: Journal of Population Research. 10.1007/s12546-021-09263-3
Year: 2021

Areas of Expertise

  • Multidimensional population projections (education, place of residence, religion, etc.)
  • Education & human capital
  • Demography of Arab countries
  • Religion