Anna-Theresa Renner

Research Group: Migration, Education and Environment

Phone: +43 1 51581 - 7750

E-Mail: anna.renner(at)


Anna-Theresa Renner joined the Vienna Institute of Demography in January 2020. She holds a doctoral degree in health economics from the Vienna University of Economics and Business where she is employed as a research and teaching assistant. Before that, she worked at the Austrian Public Health Institute (Gesundheit Österreich GmbH) for four years. Her main tasks were to conduct policy relevant research for the Austrian Ministry of Health and other national public stakeholders. She also led research projects on the European level funded by the European Commission.

Anna-Theresa’s current research focusses on the economics of the health, in particular on the (spatial) accessibility and utilization of healthcare services. In her dissertation she investigated different dimensions of accessibility of a healthcare system such as waiting times, primary care availability and inter-regional patient mobility. At VID she is part of the CHAP project that investigates the impact of climate change on healthcare utilization and population health in the metropolitan area of Vienna.

Areas of Expertise

  • Health Economics
  • Spatial economics and regional science
  • Healthcare system analysis

Selected Publications

Modelling inter-regional patient flows: Does distance go far enough?
Author(s): Renner A, Pennersdorfer D
Reference: Working Paper No. 2004. JKU Linz, Department of Economics and under review at the Journal of Economic Geography.
Year: 2020

Inefficiencies in a healthcare system with a regulatory split of power: A spatial panel data analysis of avoidable hospitalisations in Austria
Author(s): Renner, A
Reference: European Journal of Health Economics
Year: 2019

Waiting time at health facilities and social class: Evidence from the Indian caste system
Author(s): Shaikh M, Miraldo M, Renner, A
Reference: PLOS ONE 13(10): e0205641
Year: 2018