Anna Matysiak

Research Group: Fertility and Family

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E-Mail: anna.matysiak(at)


Anna Matysiak, PhD in Economics (2009), habilitation in Economics (2017).

She was Assistant Professor at the Institute of Statistics and Demography, Warsaw School of Economics (2009–2013), she joined the Vienna Institute of Demography in 2013. She was Editor of the Book Review Section at the European Journal of Population in the years 2015–2017 and has been Deputy Editor at Demography since mid-2017. She has been also providing consultancy on gender, population change and population policies in eastern Europe for UNFPA.
In 2018 she received Dirk J. van de Kaa Award for Social Demography from European Association for Population Studies for “outstanding achievements by an individual scholar in social demography, and the interplay of population dynamics and social change”.


Her research interests cover family and fertility change and the interrelationships with partners’ labour force participation, gender relations and family and employment policies. More recently she has been interested in investigating the relationship between men’s involvement in paid and unpaid work and its consequences for families. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Work and family
  • Family and fertility dynamics
  • Gender
  • Women's and men's labour force participation
  • Men's involvement in the family
  • Family and employment policies


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