Anna Dimitrova

Research Group: Migration, Education and Environment

Phone: +43 1 51581 - 7746

E-Mail: anna.dimitrova(at)


Anna Dimitrova joined IIASA in January 2018 as a Research Assistant in the World Population (POP) Program. She is currently contributing to the development of new indicators for long-term human well-being. Anna first joined the Wittgenstein Centre as a Pre-doc researcher in December 2016.

Ms. Dimitrova is also a PhD candidate at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU). She is interested in studying the interactions between environmental change and population dynamics. Her research focuses on the determinants of climate change vulnerabilities, as well as coping and adaptation strategies.

Previous to joining IIASA and the WIC, Ms. Dimitrova contributed to research projects for the European Commission, Eurostat and the Committee of the Regions on monitoring and evaluation of sustainable development strategies in the European Union. She holds an MA in Economics from the University of Glasgow and an MSc in Socio-ecological Economics and Policy from the WU in Vienna.