Alexia Fürnkranz-Prskawetz

Director (interim)

Research Group: Economic Demography

Phone: +43 1 51581 - 7702

E-Mail: alexia.fuernkranz(at)

Selected Publications:

  • Sánchez-Romero M., Abío G., Botey M., Prskawetz A., Sambt J., Solé Juvés M., et al. (2019). Welfare state winners and losers in ageing societies. Vienna Yearbook Of Population Research 2019, 17, 9-36.
  • Zannella M., Hammer B., Prskawetz A. & Sambt J. (2019). A Quantitative Assessment of the Rush Hour of Life in Austria, Italy and Slovenia. European Journal Of Population, 35, 751-776.

Areas of Expertise

  • Long-run population and economic development
  • Macroeconomic consequences of an ageing population
  • Agent-based computational models and social interaction