International Conference

Vienna, 3 - 5 December 2014

3 December 2014

Opening Session

Chair: Alexia Fürnkranz-Prskawetz

  • Warren Sanderson and Sergei Scherbov
    A Unifying Framework for the Study of Population Aging
  • Tim Riffe, Paul Chung, Jeroen Spijker, and John MacInnes
    Time-to-death patterns in markers of age and dependency  PDF
  • Bernd Marin
    Prospective Age, Age Inflation, and Lifetime Indexing: Policy Implications of New Measures of Age and Ageing


Session 1: Measures based on biomarkers and cognition

Chair: Warren Sanderson

  • David H. Rehkopf, Luis Rosero Bixby and William H. Dow
    A Crossnational comparison of biomarkers of aging between Costa Rica and the United States   PDF
  • Daniela Weber
    Walking Speed as a Measure of Population Aging 
  • Valeria Bordone, Sergei Scherbov and Nadia Steiber
    Smarter Every Day: The Deceleration of Population Aging in Terms of Cognition   PDF


4 December 2014

Session 2: Measures based on subjective life expectancy and survival probabilities

Chair: Andrew Noymer

  • Jean Adams, Elaine Stamp, Daniel Nettle, Eugene MG Milne and Carol Jagger
    Does Greater Subjective Survival Affect Future Health Behaviour Patterns of Older English Adults: Analysis of the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing?   PDF
  • Alberto Palloni and Beatriz Novak
    Subjective Survival Expectations and Observed Survival: How Consistent Are They?    PDF
  • Zsolt Speder
    (Subjective) Ageing in Europe. Taking into consideration perceived old age lines in Europe 
  • Arda Aktas
    Subjective Age


Session 3: Country Case Studies 1

Chair: Richard Gisser

  • Stuart Basten
    Prospective ageing in developing countries   PDF
  • Jelena Stojilkovic Gnjatovic and Mirjana Devedzic
    Characteristics of population ageing using prospective approach: Serbia as case study   PDF


Session 4: Economic implications of the new measures

Chair: Bernd Marin

  • Jesus Crespo Cuaresma, Martin Lábaj and Patrik Pružinský
    Prospective Ageing and Economic Growth in Europe  PDF
  • Mikkel Barslund and Marten v. Werder
    Measuring ‘old-age’ burdens using National Transfer Accounts   PDF
  • Michaël Boissonneault, Joop de Beer and Leo Van Wissen
    Integrating the ability to work in the measurement of population ageing    PDF
  • Bernhard Hammer, Jože Sambt, Elke Loichinger and Michael Freiberger, Alexia Prskawetz
    Economic Dependency Ratios    PDF


Session 5: Measures based on self-reported physical conditions

Chair: Sergei Scherbov

  • Jacques Légaré, Yann Décarie and Alain Bélanger
    The Elderly Disability Dependency Ratio (EDDR): a new index  taking into account the specificity of elderly populations    PDF
  • Jean-Marie Robine, Bernard Jeune, Wilma Nusselder, Herman van Oyen, Emmanuelle Cambois, Carol Jagger and the EHLEIS Group
    Health expectancies in the European Union, 2005-2012    PDF
  • Toshiyuki Ojima, Jun Aida, Tatsuo Yamamoto, Katsunori Kondo and Shuji Hashimoto
    Healthy life expectancy with 20 or more teeth in Japan - An objective and internationally comparable health indicator for ageing 


5 December 2014

Session 6: Country Case Studies 2

Chair: Dimiter Philipov

  • Elena Demuru and Viviana Egidi
    Controlling perspective age by health status: how to rejuvenate the population by improving health    PDF
  • Anastasia Emelyanova and Arja Rautio
    Contextualization of population aging in the North Atlantic region: dynamics and demographic causes  PDF
  • Gaiane Safarova, Anna Safarova and Alexander Lisenenkov
    Prospective measures of population ageing: gender differences  (the case of Saint-Petersburg)   PDF


Poster Session

  • Jeroen Spijker, Tim Riffe and John MacInnes: Incorporating time-to-death (TTD) in health-based population ageing measurements    PDF
  • Elke Loichinger and Daniela Weber:Trends in labor force participation and working life expectancy by education in Europe
  • Daphne Nicolitsa: Mirror, mirror on the wall: am I young or am I old?    PDF
  • Alla Ivanova and Elena Zemlyanova: Health status and social activity of the elderly in Russia    PDF
  • Klaus Schömann and Christina Weiß: Competences and transitions into retirement - analyses using PIAAC and CiLL Data for Germany    PDF




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After scientific review, selected conference contributions were published in the thematic issue of the Vienna Yearbook of Population Research 2016: