Viennese Vintage Workshop 2019:

Heterogeneous Dynamic Models of Economic and Population Systems

5 - 6 December 2019 in Vienna, Austria
Venue: Vienna University of Economics and Business - Campus WU, Vienna

Local Organisers:

The organizing team consists of

  • Alexia Fürnkranz-Prskawetz (Vienna University of Technology, Wittgenstein Centre)
  • Vladimir Veliov (Vienna University of Technology) and
  • Stefan Wrzaczek (Vienna Institute of Demography, Wittgenstein Centre)

The workshop 'Heterogeneous Dynamic Models of Economic and Population Systems' is already the seventh vintage workshop, which takes place every two or three years in Vienna.

The workshop topic is heterogeneous dynamical systems and population systems. This theory allows to model dynamic processes realistically and to find an (optimal) solution. Unlike standard theory, the term 'dynamic' in this context refers not only to time but in particular to the heterogeneity of the model components. For instance, it is not possible to predict an epidemic in a realistic way if the age structure and the interactions between age groups of the population are neglected. If this heterogeneity (i.e. age) is additionally considered, one can propose a realistic model and determine optimal controls. In other words, it is not only important when and how treatment is delivered, but also to which age groups of the population. The theory can be applied to economic, demographic and epidemiological problems. The members of the organizing committee together with other members of the Vienna University of Technology and the Wittgenstein Centre work very actively in this research field, which is demonstrated by numerous publications in scientific journals and conferences.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together active researchers interested in this field in order to present and discuss new developments and application of the theory.