The European Demographic Data Sheet 2022 reviews, explores and visualises recent population trends in 45 European countries. The data sheet also provides a snapshot of the current research at the Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Global Human Capital and collaborating researchers, with the 2022 issue focused on population consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. The online version ( provides an expanded selection of maps, ranking tables, as well as theme-focused texts and figures.



Tomáš Sobotka, Kryštof Zeman and Zuzanna Brzozowska (data collection and coordination, main data table, maps, rankings, regional overview, boxes “Corona babies”, “Natural population change during the COVID-19 pandemic”, and “Tempoeffect”)
Vanessa di Lego (“Life expectancy declines during the COVID-19 pandemic”, maps)
Michaela Potančoková, Marcin Stonawski and Nicholas Gailey („How migration impacts projected working-age population“)
Bernhard Hammer, Sonja Spitzer and Alexia Prskawetz (“Income disparities”)
Michael Kuhn, Klaus Prettner, Alexia Prskawetz and Martina Siskova (“Education and health investments”)


Copy editing: Brian Buh and Ross Barker

Administrative assistance: Lisa Janisch

Graphic design: Christian Högl,

Website: Bernhard Rengs