Vacancies at the VID

Join us - We are offering positions in the research groups on Health & Longevity, Economic Demography as well as Fertility and Family


Vacancies at VID

  • VID's Research Group on Fertility and Family is offering a PostDoc position.

    The Research Group on Fertility and Family is headed by Tomáš Sobotka and offers a PostDoc position to work on the project "Consequences of divorce: Heterogeneity by duration and gender" (CONDIV). The PostDoc position is offered in collaboration with the University of Vienna for a duration of two years. The CONDIV project is led by Valeria Bordone and Caroline Berghammer. This project investigates the consequences of divorce and partnership dissolution, focusing on economic resources, residential mobility, and re-partnering. It aims to address social inequality and inform social policy by comparing these consequences across different population groups. The project focuses on Austria, a conservative country with traditional gender roles in (western) European comparison.


  • VID's Research Group on Economic Demography  is offering a PhD student position.

    The Research Group on Economic Demography is headed by Alexia Fürnkranz-Prskawetz and offers a PhD student position to work on the project “Ageing workers in the Austrian labour market - Linked Employer-employee Data Analysis (LEDA)” (a collaborative project with IWI) for two years.
    Facing an ageing and shrinking workforce it is key to understand the productivity of older workers and to identify firm characteristics that allow older workers productivity not to decline, in particular so in times of accelerated digitalization and automation. Within LEDA we analyze the relationship between the age structure of the workforce and labor productivity/wages at the firm level in Austria drawing on a panel data set from 2009 to 2021 that will be built up within the Austrian Micro Data Center (AMDC).



  • The Research Group on Health and Longevity at the Vienna Institute of Demography (VID) offers one post-doctoral position and two PhD student positions.

    The Research Group on Health and Longevity is headed by Marc Luy, Director of the VID. The research focus is on trends and differentials in morbidity and mortality. In particular, we want to better understand the causal mechanisms that enable some people to live longer and healthier than others. Our analyses are based on different data sources including aggregated data, survey data and self-collected data. Another focus is on methodological developments for the estimation of life expectancy and health expectancy, especially for populations and subpopulations with incomplete or missing data.