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Erika Forte
A journey “to the land on the other side.” Buddhist pilgrimage and travelling objects from the oasis of Khotan.
In: Patrick Mc Allister, Cristina Scherrer-Schaub and Helmut Krasser (ed[s]): Cultural Flows across the Western Himalaya. Proceedings of the conference in Shimla, April 2009.
Publisher: Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna
to be published


Miyaji Akira 宮治昭 (ed[s])
Gandāra, Kucha no bukkyō to bijutsu. Gandāra bijutsu no shiryō shūsei to sono tōgōteki kenkyū. Shiruku rōdo no bukkyō bunka: Gandāra, Kucha, Torufan ガンダーラ・クチャの仏教と美術. ガンダーラ美術の資料集成とその統合的研究. シルクロードの仏教文化 : ガンダーラ・クチャ・トルファン (第1部). Buddhism and Art in Gandhāra and Kucha: The comprehensive data collection of Gandhāran art and its integrated study. Buddhist culture along the Silk Road: Gandhāra, Kucha, Turfan (section I). International Symposium Series 国際シンポジウム.
Publisher: Ryukoku University 龍谷大学, Kyoto 京都
Wei Zhengzhong 魏正中 (Vignato, Giuseppe)
Quduan yu zuhe: Qiuci shikusi yizhi de kaoguxue tansuo 区段与组合: 龟兹石窟寺遗址的考古学探索. Districts and Groups. An archaeological investigation of the rock monasteries of Kucha.
Publisher: Shanghai guji chubanshe 上海古籍出版社, Shanghai 上海
Li Jinxiu
A study of the Xiyu tuji 西域圖記.
In: Florin Curta and Bogdan-Petru Maleon (ed[s]): The Steppe Lands and the World beyond them. Studies in honor of Victor Spinei on his 70th birthday
Page(s): 67-98.
Publisher: Editura Universității "Alexandru Ioan Cuza", Iași


Research Center for Buddhist Cultures in Asia (BARC) (ed[s])
Torufan no bukkyō to bijutsu. Uiguru bukkyō wo chūshin ni. Shiruku rōdo no bukkyō bunka: Gandāra, Kucha, Torufan. トルファンの仏教と美術 — ウイグル仏教を中心に. シルクロードの仏教文化: ガンダーラ・クチャ・トルファン (第II部). Buddhism and art in Turfan: from the perspective of Uyghur Buddhism. Buddhist culture along the Silk Road: Gandhāra, Kucha, Turfan (section II). International Symposium Series.
Publisher: Ryukoku daigaku 龍谷大学 (Ryukoku University), Kyoto 京都
1st edition


Huo Wei 霍巍
Qing-Zang gaoyan donglu Tubo shiqi fojiao moya zaoxiang de faxian yu yanjiu 青藏高原东麓吐蕃时期佛教摩崖造像的发现与研究. The discoveries and researches on the Buddhist cliff-side carvings of Tubo dynasty in eastern Tibet-Qinghai plateau
Kaogu xuebao 考古学报 — Acta Archaeologica Sinica, 3(2011): 353-384, pl. 443-448
P. Di Carlo
Take care of the poets! Verbal art performances as key factors in the preservation of Kalasha language and culture
Anthropological Linguistics, 52(2): 141-159
Joanie Meharry
Do Afghanistan´s archaeological treasures face a new threat?
Afghan Scene, (83-84 (June-July): Glories Past: Afghanistan´s Buddhist heritage): 16-19
Nicolas Engel
Mes Aynak. New Excavations in Afghanistan
Afghan Scene, (83-84, June-July 2011): 20-47
Humera Alam and Luca M. Olivieri
A recent acquisition of the Lahore Museum: Brief note on a post-Gandharan stele
Lahore Museum Bulletin, XX-XXIII: 25-30
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