Scientific Programme


Friday, 5 November 2004


09:00-9:30       Registration


09:30-10:00     Opening of the Conference

Manfred Bietak

Introductory note: The Meaning of the Lustrous Wares for the Chronology of the 2nd Millennium B. C.


Session I: Red Lustrous Wheelmade Ware

Chair: Paul Åström


10:00-10:30     Robert S. Merrillees

When did Red Lustrous Wheel-Made Ware First Occur in the Levant?


10:30-11:00     Alison South/Louise Steel

Red Lustrous Wheelmade Ware from Kalavasos


11:00-11:30     Coffee Break


11:30-12:00     Lindy Crewe

Contextualising the Lustrous Wares at Enkomi: settlement and mortuary deposition during LCI–LCIIB


12:00-12:30     Kathryn Eriksson

Using Cypriot Red Lustrous Wheel-made Ware to establish Cultural and Chronological Synchronisms during the Late Bronze Age


12:30-14:00     Lunch Break


Session II: Red Lustrous Wheelmade Ware and Analyses

Chair: Annie Caubet


14:00-14:30     Ekin Kozal

Comparative Analysis of the Distribution Patterns of RLW-m Ware and Mycenean Pottery in the Eastern Mediterranean: An Indication for the Origin of RLW-m Ware?


14:30-15:00     Carl Knappett

Trading and using RLW-m ware in Anatolia and Cyprus: evidence from Petrography, Neutron Activation, and Residue analysis


15:00-15:30     Val Steele

Organic residue analysis of Red Lustrous Wheel-made Ware from five sites in the Eastern Mediterranean


15:30-16:00     Coffee Break


16:00-16:30     Dirk Paul Mielke

Red Lustrous Wheelmade Ware from Hittite Contexts


16:30-17:00     Michal Artzy

The Origin(s) of the Red Lustrous Ware? – Again!


17:00-17:30     Discussion of Papers



Saturday, 6 November 4004


Session III: Black und White Lustrous Wares

Chair: Michal Artzy


9.30-10:00      Paul Åström

The Chronology of BLWM Ware in Cyprus


10:00-10:30     Peter Fischer

Black and Red Lustrous Wheel-made Wares from Tell el-Ajjul


10:30-11:00     Coffee Break


11:00-11:30     Eli Yannai/Amir Gorzalczany

New Data on the Grey and Black Lustrous Wheel Made Ware in the Light of New Petrographic Analysis – Typology, Provenance, Chronology and Distribution


11:30-12:00     Kathryn Eriksson

A Rare Species: Provisional Observations on the Chronological Significance of White Lustrous Ware


12:00-14:00     Lunch Break



Session IV: Lustrous and Comparative Wares

Chair: Robert S. Merrillees


14:00-14:30     Irmgard Hein

The significance of the Lustrous Ware finds from Tell el-Dab’a/’Ezbet Helmi (Eastern Nile Delta/ Egypt)


14:30-15:00     Celia Bergoffen

Base Ring as a Lustrous ware: Observations on some Base Ring I vessels

from Alalakh


15:00-15:30     Coffee Break


15:30-16:00     Annie Caubet

Brownish Burnished Ware from Meskene/Emar


16:00-16:30     Peter Pavúk

Anatolian Gray Ware in Anatolia, Cyprus and Levant


16:30-17:30     Final Discussion