Reports From: 2018

K. Kunisch, S.S. Rodrigues

Oblique Projection Based Stabilizing Feedback for Nonautonomous Coupled Parabolic-ODE Systems

Report No. 2018-40

P. Kritzer, F. Pillichshammer, L. Plaskota, G.W. Wasilkowski

On efficient weighted integration via a change of variables

Report No. 2018-39

A-K. Baum, M. Kolmbauer, G. Offner, B. Pöchtrager

Topological solvability and DAE-index conditions for types of black-box models coupled to liquid flow networks via boundary conditions

Report No. 2018-38

O. Roche-Newton, I.D. Shkredov

If A+A is small then AAA is superquadratic

Report No. 2018-37

O. Roche-Newton

An Improved Bound for the Size of the Set A/A + A

Report No. 2018-36

M. Makhul, O. Roche-Newton, A. Warren, F. De Zeeuw

Constructions for the Elekes–Szabó and Elekes–Rónyai Problems

Report No. 2018-35

J.A. Iglesias, G. Mercier

Influence of dimension on the convergence of level-sets in total variation regularization

Report No. 2018-34

A.F.M. ter Elst, H. Meinlschmidt, J. Rehberg

$L^\infty$-estimates for the Neumann problem on general domains

Report No. 2018-33

B. Endtmayer, U. Langer, T. Wick

Two-side a posteriori error estimates for the DWR method

Report No. 2018-32

F.J. Hickernell, P. Kritzer, H. Wozniakowski

Exponential tractability of linear tensor product problems

Report No. 2018-31

U. Langer, H. Yang

BDDC preconditioners for a space-time finite element discretization of parabolic problems

Report No. 2018-30

R. Ramlau, C. Koutschan, B. Hofmann

On the Singular Value Decomposition of N-Fold Integration Operators

Report No. 2018-29

K. Kumar, S. Matculevich, J.M. Nordbotten, S. Repin

Guaranteed and computable bounds of errors for semi-discrete approximations of the Biot problem

Report No. 2018-28

R. Chapko, B.T. Johansson, L. Mindrinos

On a boundary integral solution of a lateral planar Cauchy problem in elastodynamics

Report No. 2018-27

M. Makhul, J. Schicho

An application of Bertini theorem

Report No. 2018-26

H. Mhaskar, S. Pereverzyev, V.Y. Semenov, E.V. Semenova

Data based construction of kernels for semi-supervised learning with less labels

Report No. 2018-25

C. Kirisits, O. Scherzer, E. Setterqvist

Invariant $\varphi$-minimal sets and total variation denoising on graphs

Report No. 2018-24

U. Langer, S. Matculevich, S. Repin

Adaptive Space-Time Isogeometric Analysis for Parabolic Evolution Problems

Report No. 2018-23

Mark Žic

Optimizing noisy CNLS problems by using the adaptive Nelder-Mead algorithm: A new approach to escape from local minima

Report No. 2018-22

P. Kritzer, H. Wozniakowski

Notes on tractability conditions for linear multivariate problems

Report No. 2018-21

O. Roche-Newton, A. Warren

Improved Bounds for Pencils of Lines

Report No. 2018-20

B. Hanson, O. Roche-Newton, D. Zhelezov

On iterated product sets with shifts II

Report No. 2018-19

B. Hanson, O. Roche-Newton, D. Zhelezov

On iterated product sets with shifts

Report No. 2018-18

O. Roche-Newton, I.Z. Ruzsa, C.Y. Shen, I.D. Shkredov

On the size of the set AA+A

Report No. 2018-17

M. Žic, S. Pereverzyev Jr.

Adaptive multi-parameter regularization in electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

Report No. 2018-16

R. Ramlau, L. Reichel

Error Estimates for Arnoldi–Tikhonov Regularization for Ill-Posed Operator Equations

Report No. 2018-15

Y. Abdelaziz, S. Boukraa, C. Koutschan, J-M. Maillard

Diagonals of rational functions, pullbacked 2F1 hypergeometric functions and modular forms

Report No. 2018-14

M. Makhul

A family of four-variable expanders with quadratic growth

Report No. 2018-13

M.E. Alonso, F.J. Castro-Jiménez, H. Hauser, C. Koutschan

Echelons of power series and Gabrielov’s counterexample to nested linear Artin Approximation

Report No. 2018-12

F. Scholz, A. Mantzaflaris, B. Jüttler

First order error correction for trimmed quadrature in isogeometric analysis

Report No. 2018-11

C. Hofer, S. Takacs

A parallel multigrid solver for multi-patch Isogeometric Analysis

Report No. 2018-10

A. Ebert, P. Kritzer

Constructing lattice points for numerical integration by a reduced fast successive coordinate search algorithm

Report No. 2018-9

B. Endtmayer, U. Langer, T. Wick

Multigoal-Oriented Error Estimates for Non-linear Problems

Report No. 2018-8

N.T. Vo, S. Falkensteiner, Y. Zhang

Formal Power Series Solutions of Algebraic Ordinary Differential Equations

Report No. 2018-7

T. Guo, C. Krattenthaler, Y. Zhang

On (shape-)Wilf-equivalence for words

Report No. 2018-6

J.A. Iglesias, G. Mercier, O. Scherzer

Critical yield numbers and limiting yield surfaces of particle arrays settling in a Bingham fluid

Report No. 2018-5

C. Kirisits, O. Scherzer

A range condition for polyconvex variational regularization

Report No. 2018-4

J. Sogn, S. Takacs

Robust multigrid solvers for the biharmonic problem in isogeometric analysis

Report No. 2018-3

R. Haller-Dintelmann, W. Wollner, H. Meinlschmidt

Higher regularity for solutions to elliptic systems in divergence form subject to mixed boundary conditions

Report No. 2018-2

D. Jodlbauer, U. Langer, T. Wick

Parallel Block-Preconditioned Monolithic Solvers for Fluid-Structure-Interaction Problems

Report No. 2018-1