Reports From: 2016

S. Hittmeir, H. Ranetbauer, C. Schmeiser, M.T. Wolfram

On a nonlinear PDE model for intersecting pedestrian flows

Report No. 2016-41

C. Kirisits, O. Scherzer

Convergence rates for regularization functionals with polyconvex integrands

Report No. 2016-40

S. Chen, M. van Hoeij, M. Kauers, C. Koutschan

Reduction-Based Creative Telescoping for Fuchsian D-finite Functions

Report No. 2016-39

S. Lu, P. Mathé, S. Pereverzyev

Balancing principle in supervised learning for a general regularization scheme

Report No. 2016-38

B. Jüttler, S.K. Kleiss

Coupling Adaptively Refined Multi-patch Spline Discretizations via Boundary Compatibility

Report No. 2016-37

A. Festa, A. Tosin, M.T. Wolfram

Kinetic description of collision avoidance in pedestrian crowds by sidestepping

Report No. 2016-36

U. Langer, H. Yang

Recent development of robust monolithic fluid-structure interaction solvers

Report No. 2016-35

P. Kritzer, H. Niederreiter, F. Pillichshammer

Ian Sloan and Lattice Rules

Report No. 2016-34

A-K. Baum, M. Kolmbauer, G. Offner

Topological solvability and DAE-index conditions for mass flow controlled pumps in liquid flow networks

Report No. 2016-33

P.A. Markowich, J. Teichmann, M.T. Wolfram

Parabolic free boundary price formation models under market size fluctuations

Report No. 2016-32

M. Burger, A. Lorz, M.T. Wolfram

On a Boltzmann mean field model for knowledge growth

Report No. 2016-31

J. Carrillo, S. Martin, M.T. Wolfram

A local version of the Hughes model for pedestrian flow

Report No. 2016-30

L. M. Briceno-Arias, D. Kalise, F. J. Silva

Proximal methods for stationary Mean Field Games with local couplings

Report No. 2016-29

J. Dick, C. Irrgeher, G. Leobacher, F. Pillichshammer

On the optimal order of integration in Hermite spaces with finite smoothness

Report No. 2016-28

C. Hofreither, S. Takacs

Robust multigrid for isogeometric analysis based on stable splittings of spline spaces

Report No. 2016-27

M. Bruna, M. Burger, H. Ranetbauer, M-T. Wolfram

Cross-diffusion systems with excluded-volume effects and asymptotic gradient flow structures

Report No. 2016-26

G. Albi, Y. Choi, M. Fornasier, D. Kalise

Mean field control hierarchy

Report No. 2016-25

I.A. Frigaard, J.A. Iglesias, G. Mercier, C. Pöschl, O. Scherzer

Critical yield numbers of rigid particles settling in Bingham fluids and Cheeger sets

Report No. 2016-24

C. Hofer, U. Langer, I. Toulopoulos

Discontinuous Galerkin Isogeometric Analysis on Non-matching Segmentation: Error Estimates and Efficient Solvers

Report No. 2016-23

A. Mantzaflaris, B. Jüttler, B. Khoromskij, U. Langer

Low Rank Tensor Methods in Galerkin-based Isogeometric Analysis

Report No. 2016-22

G. Mercier, M. Novaga, P. Pozzi

Anisotropic curvature flow of immersed curves

Report No. 2016-21

C. Pechstein, C.R. Dohrmann

A Unified Framework for Adaptive BDDC

Report No. 2016-20

J.A. Carrillo, H. Ranetbauer, M-T. Wolfram

Numerical simulation of nonlinear continuity equations by evolving diffeomorphisms

Report No. 2016-19

P. Kritzer, F. Pillichshammer, G. W. Wasilkowski

Truncation dimension for function approximation

Report No. 2016-18

I.Z. Emiris, A. Mantzaflaris, E. Tsigaridas

On the Bit Complexity of Solving Bilinear Polynomial Systems

Report No. 2016-17

A. Mantzaflaris, H. Rahkooy, Z. Zafeirakopoulos

Efficient Computation of Dual Space and Directional Multiplicity of an Isolated Point

Report No. 2016-16

S. Chen, M. Kauers, C. Koutschan

Reduction-Based Creative Telescoping for Algebraic Functions

Report No. 2016-15

F. Camilli, A. Festa, S. Tozza

A discrete Hughes' model for pedestrian flow on graphs

Report No. 2016-14

T. Wick

An error-oriented Newton/inexact augmented Lagrangian approach for fully monolithic phase-field fracture propagation

Report No. 2016-13

T. Wick

Variational-monolithic ALE fluid-structure interaction: Comparison of computational cost and mesh regularity using different mesh motion techniques

Report No. 2016-12

I. Toulopoulos, T. Wick

Numerical methods for power-law diffusion problems

Report No. 2016-11

S. Engleder

Preconditioners for linear systems arising from the finite volume discretization of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations

Report No. 2016-10

P. Mathé, S. Pereverzyev

Complexity of linear ill-posed problems in Hilbert space

Report No. 2016-9

D. Kalise, K. Kunisch, Z. Rao

Infinite horizon sparse optimal control

Report No. 2016-8

C. Koutschan, P. Paule

Holonomic Tools for Basic Hypergeometric Functions

Report No. 2016-7

P. Tkachenko, G. Kriukova, M. Aleksandrova, O. Chertov, E. Renard, S. Pereverzyev

Prediction of Nocturnal Hypoglycemia by an aggregation of previously known prediction approaches: Proof of concept for clinical application

Report No. 2016-6

C. Siriteanu, A. Takemura, C. Koutschan, S. Kuriki, D. St. P. Richards, H. Shin

Exact ZF Analysis and Computer-Algebra-Aided Evaluation in Rank-1 LoS Rician Fading

Report No. 2016-5

P. Kritzer, F. Pillichshammer, H. Wozniakowski

L<sub>&infin;</sub>-approximation in Korobov spaces with Exponential Weights

Report No. 2016-4

S. Hassani, C. Koutschan, J-M. Maillard, N. Zenine

Lattice Green Functions: the d-dimensional face-centred cubic lattice, d=8,9,10,11,12

Report No. 2016-3

E. Carlini, A. Festa, F.J. Silva, M-T. Wolfram

A Semi-Lagrangian scheme for a modified version of the Hughes model for pedestrian flow

Report No. 2016-2

C. Koutschan, M. Neumüller, S. Radu

Inverse Inequality Estimates with Symbolic Computation

Report No. 2016-1