Reports From: 2010

S.I. Repin, S.K. Tomar

A Posteriori Error Estimates for Nonconforming Approximations of Evolutionary Convection-Diffusion Problems

Report No. 2010-10

J. Niebsch, R. Ramlau, Ch. Brandt, P. Maass

Modeling the Influence of Unbalances for Ultra-Precision Cutting Processes

Report No. 2010-9

A. Rösch, D. Wachsmuth

A-posteriori error estimates for optimal control problems with state and control constraints

Report No. 2010-8

S. Beuchler, V. Pillwein, S. Zaglmayr

Sparsity optimized high order finite element functions for H(div) on simplices

Report No. 2010-7

O. Steinbach, G. Unger

Convergence analysis of a Galerkin boundary element method for the Dirichlet Laplacian eigenvalue problem

Report No. 2010-6

B. Buchberger, G. Regensburger, M. Rosenkranz, L. Tec

Symbolic Analysis for Boundary Problems: From Rewriting to Parametrized Gröbner Bases

Report No. 2010-5

S. Beuchler, C. Pechstein, D. Wachsmuth

Boundary concentrated finite elements for optimal boundary control problems of elliptic PDEs

Report No. 2010-4

K. Kunisch, X. Lu

Optimal Control for an Elliptic System with Pointwise Nonlinear Control Constraints

Report No. 2010-3

K. Kunisch, K. Liang, X. Lu

Optimal Control for an Elliptic System with Polygonal State Constraints

Report No. 2010-2

K. Kunisch, D. Wachsmuth

Path-following for Optimal Control of Stationary Variational Inequalities

Report No. 2010-1