Reports From: 2009

S. Pereverzyev, Sergei G. Solodky, Evgeny A. Volynets

The balancing principle in solving semi-discrete inverse problems in Sobolev scales by Tikhonov method

Report No. 2009-21

D. Copeland, U. Langer

Domain Decomposition Solvers for Nonlinear Multiharmonic Finite Element Equations

Report No. 2009-20

S. Lu, S. Pereverzyev, Y. Shao, U. Tautenhahn

On the generalized discrepancy principle for Tikhonov regularization in Hilbert scales

Report No. 2009-19

C. John, D. Wachsmuth

Optimal Dirichlet boundary control of Navier-Stokes equations with state constraint

Report No. 2009-18

J. Kraus, V. Pillwein, L. Zikatanov

Algebraic multilevel iteration methods and the best approximation to 1/x in the uniform norm

Report No. 2009-17

B. Ayuso, I. Georgiev, J. Kraus, L. Zikatanov

A Subspace Correction Method for Discontinuous Galerkin discretizations of linear elasticity equations

Report No. 2009-16

K. van den Doel, U.M. Ascher, A. Leitão

Multiple level sets for piecewise constant surface reconstruction in highly ill-posed problems

Report No. 2009-15

A. Neubauer, T. Hein, B. Hofmann, S. Kindermann, U. Tautenhahn

Enhanced convergence rates for Tikhonov regularization revisited: improved results

Report No. 2009-14

S. Anzengruber, R. Ramlau

Morozov's discrepancy principle for Tikhonov-type functionals with non-linear operators

Report No. 2009-13

J. Baumeister, B. Kaltenbacher, A. Leitão

On Levenberg-Marquardt Kaczmarz regularization methods for ill-posed problems

Report No. 2009-12

S. Lu, S. Pereverzyev

Multi-parameter regularization and its numerical realization

Report No. 2009-11

M. Rosenkranz, G. Regensburger, L. Tec, B. Buchberger

A Symbolic Framework for Operations on Linear Boundary Problems

Report No. 2009-10

R. Ramlau, E. Resmerita

Convergence rates for regularization with sparsity constraints

Report No. 2009-9

Y. Heng, S. Lu, A. Mhamdi, S. Pereverzyev

Model function approach in the modified L-curve method for the choice of regularization parameter

Report No. 2009-8

G. Wachsmuth, D. Wachsmuth

Convergence and regularization results for optimal control problems with sparsity functional

Report No. 2009-7

E. Klann, R. Ramlau, W. Ring

A Mumford-Shah level-set approach for the inversion and segmentation of SPECT/CT data

Report No. 2009-6

R. Ramlau, C. Zarzer

On the minimization of a Tikhonov functional with a non-convex sparsity constraint

Report No. 2009-5

K. Kunisch, D. Wachsmuth

Sufficient Optimality Conditions and Semi-Smooth Newton Methods for Optimal Control of Stationary Variational Inequalities

Report No. 2009-4

M. Caruana, P.K. Friz, H. Oberhauser

A (rough) pathwise approach to fully non-linear stochastic partial differential equations

Report No. 2009-3

E. Karer, J. Kraus

Algebraic multigrid for finite element elasticity equations: Determination of nodal dependence via edge matrices and two-level convergence

Report No. 2009-2

G. Regensburger, M. Rosenkranz, J. Middeke

A Skew Polynomial Approach to Integro-Differential Operators

Report No. 2009-1