Reports From: 2008

H. Albrecher, C. Constantinescu, G. Pirsic, G. Regensburger, M. Rosenkranz

An Algebraic Approach to the Analysis of Gerber-Shiu Functions

Report No. 2008-33

J. Kraus, S. Margenov

Generalized hierarchical bases for discontinuous Galerkin discretizations of elliptic problems with highly varying coefficients

Report No. 2008-32

H.K. Pikkarainen, J. Schicho

A Bayesian Model for Root Computation

Report No. 2008-31

J. Kraus, S. Tomar

Multilevel preconditioning in H(DIV) and applications to a posteriori error estimates for discontinuous Galerkin approximations

Report No. 2008-30

P. Elbau, M. Grasmair F. Lenzen, O. Scherzer

Evolution by Non-Convex Functionals

Report No. 2008-29

K. Kunisch, X. Lu

Optimal Control for Multi-phase Fluid Stokes Problems

Report No. 2008-28

J. Boulanger, C. Kervrann, J.-B. Sibarita, P. Bouthemy

Non-parametric regression for patch-based fluorescence microscopy image sequence denoising

Report No. 2008-27

W. Elleithy, R. Grzhibovskis

On the Adaptive Coupling of Finite Elements and Boundary Elements for Elasto-Plastic Analysis

Report No. 2008-26

S. Müller, J. Lu, P. Kuegler, H.W. Engl

Parameter Identification in Systems Biology: Solving Ill-posed Inverse Problems using Regularization

Report No. 2008-25

S. Pereverzyev Jr., R.S. Anderssen

Recursive Algebraic Modelling of Gene Signalling, Communication and Switching

Report No. 2008-24

A. Rösch, D. Wachsmuth

How to check numerically the sufficient optimality conditions for infinite-dimensional optimization problems

Report No. 2008-23

P. Monk, J. Schöberl, A. Sinwel

Hybridizing Raviart-Thomas elements for the Helmholtz equation

Report No. 2008-22

R. Griesse, N. Metla, A. Rösch

Local Quadratic Convergence of SQP for Elliptic Optimal Control Problems with Mixed Control-State Constraints

Report No. 2008-21

C. Pechstein, R. Scheichl

Analysis of FETI methods for multiscale elliptic PDEs

Report No. 2008-20

S. Kindermann, P. Mayer

On the calibration of local jump-diffusion market models

Report No. 2008-19

S. Lu, S. Pereverzyev, U. Tautenhahn

A model function method in total least squares

Report No. 2008-18

S. Lu, S. Pereverzyev

Sparsity reconstruction by the standard Tikhonov method

Report No. 2008-17

R. Ramlau, G. Teschke, M. Zhariy

A Compressive Landweber Iteration for Solving Ill-Posed Inverse Problems

Report No. 2008-16

P. Krutitskii, J. Liu, M. Sini

Reconstruction of complex cracks by far field measurements

Report No. 2008-15

J. Liu, M. Sini

On detection and visibility of a complex obstacle using multipoles sources from far field data

Report No. 2008-14

C. Chniti

A matching of singularities in domain decomposition methods for reaction-diffusion problems

Report No. 2008-13

A. Kuijper

On the interactions of critical curves, catastrophe points, scale space saddles, and iso-intensity manifolds in Gaussian scale space images under a one-parameter driven deformation

Report No. 2008-12

D. Copeland

Boundary-element-based finite element methods for Helmholtz and Maxwell equations on general polyhedral meshes

Report No. 2008-11

D. Copeland, U. Langer, D. Pusch

From the Boundary Element DDM to local Trefftz Finite Element Methods on Polyhedral Meshes

Report No. 2008-10

I. Georgiev, J. Kraus, S. Margenov

On the robustness of hierarchical multilevel splittings for discontinuous Galerkin rotated bilinear FE problems

Report No. 2008-9

T. Beck

Software Documentation -- An Efficient Surface Tool Box --

Report No. 2008-8

D.H. Pastore, J.P. Zubelli

On the Dynamics of Certain Models Describing the HIV Infection

Report No. 2008-7

Fabio A.C.C. Chalub, Max O. Souza, R. Mario Santos Braga

A Non-Standard Evolution Problem Arising in Population Genetics

Report No. 2008-6

N. Honda, G. Nakamura, M. Sini

Analytic extention and reconstruction of obstacles from few measurements for elliptic second order operators

Report No. 2008-5

J. Liu, M. Sini

How to make the reconstruction of obstacles more (or less) accurate from exterior measurements

Report No. 2008-4

A. De Cezaro, M. Haltmeier, A. Leitao, O. Scherzer

On Steepest-Descent-Kaczmarz Methods for Regularizing Systems of Nonlinear Ill-posed

Report No. 2008-3

T. Beck, J. Schicho

Adjoint Computation for Hypersurfaces Using Formal Desingularizations

Report No. 2008-2

J. Sass, R. Wunderlich

Optimal Portfolio Policies Under Bounded Expected Loss and Partial Information

Report No. 2008-1