Reports From: 2007

S.I. Repin, S. Tomar

A posteriori error estimates for nonconforming approximation of elliptic problems based on Helmholtz type decomposition of the error

Report No. 2007-41

S. Repin, J. Valdman

Functional a posteriori error estimates for incremental models in elasto-plasticity

Report No. 2007-40

S.I. Repin, S. Tomar

Efficient computable error bounds for discontinuous Galerkin approximations of elliptic problems

Report No. 2007-39

S. Pereverzyev Jr., R. Pinnau, N. Siedow

Approximate solution of nonlinear inverse problems by fixed-point iteration

Report No. 2007-38

J. Niebsch, R. Ramlau

Automatic Imbalance Reconstruction in Wind Turbines

Report No. 2007-37

H. Cao, S. Pereverzyev, E. Sincich

Natural linearization for corrosion identification

Report No. 2007-36

L. He, S. Kindermann, M. Sini

Reconstruction of shapes and impedance functions using few farfield measurements

Report No. 2007-35

H. Albrecher, J.-F. Renaud, X Zhou

A Lévy insurance risk process with tax

Report No. 2007-34

R. Griesse, D. Wachsmuth

Sensitivity Analysis and the Adjoint Update Strategy for Optimal Control Problems with Mixed Control-State Constraints

Report No. 2007-33

I. Georgiev, J. Kraus, S. Margenov, J. Schicho

Locally Optimized MIC(0) Preconditioning of Rannacher-Turek FEM Systems

Report No. 2007-32

T. Beck

Formal Desingularization of Surfaces -- The Jung Method Revisited --

Report No. 2007-31

S. Lu, S.V. Pereverzyev, U. Tautenhahn

Regularized total least squares: computational aspects and error bounds

Report No. 2007-30

R. Griesse, K. Kunisch

A Semi-Smooth Newton Method for Solving Elliptic Equations with Gradient Constraints

Report No. 2007-29

H. Egger, A. Leitao

Stable solutions of nonlinear elliptic Cauchy problems in three dimensional domains

Report No. 2007-28

J. Synka

The Finite Line Integration Method (FLIM) - A Fast Variant of Finite Element Modelling

Report No. 2007-27

A. Griesbaum, B. Kaltenbacher, B. Vexler

Efficient computation of the Tikhonov regularization parameter by goal oriented adaptive discretization

Report No. 2007-26

R.H.W. Hoppe, J. Schöberl

Convergence of Adaptive Edge Element Methods for the 3D Eddy Currents Equations

Report No. 2007-25

E. Klann, R. Ramlau

Regularization by fractional filter methods and data smoothing

Report No. 2007-24

E. Sincich, M. Sini

Local stability for soft obstacle by a single measurement

Report No. 2007-23

M. Huber, J. Schöberl, A. Sinwel, S. Zaglmayr

Simulation of Diffraction in periodic Media with a coupled Finite Element and Plane Wave Approach

Report No. 2007-22

I. Georgiev, J. Kraus, S. Margenov

Multilevel algorithms for Rannacher-Turek finite element approximation of 3D elliptic problems

Report No. 2007-21

H. Albrecher, S. Thonhauser

Optimal dividend strategies for a risk process under force of interest

Report No. 2007-20

R. Ramlau, L. Justen

A General Framework for Soft-Shrinkage with Applications to Blind Deconvolution and Wavelet Denoising

Report No. 2007-19

M. Peng, N.K. Bose

Parametrized Biorthogonal Wavelets and FIR Filter Bank Design with Gröbner Bases

Report No. 2007-18

L. He, B. Heise, A. Kuijper, Y. Zhou

Cell Segmentation Using the Level Set Method

Report No. 2007-17

L. Demkowicz, J. Gopalakrishnan, J. Schöberl

Polynomial Extension Operators. Part II

Report No. 2007-16

L. Demkowicz, J. Gopalakrishnan, J. Schöberl

Polynomial Extension Operators. Part I

Report No. 2007-15

L. Badea, M. Discacciati, A. Quarteroni

Mathematical analysis of the Navier-Stokes/Darcy coupling

Report No. 2007-14

T. Beck, H. Brunotte, K. Scheicher, J.M. Thuswaldner

Number Systems and Tilings over Laurent Series

Report No. 2007-13

D. Meidner, B. Vexler

A Priori Error Estimates for Space-Time Finite Element Discretization of Parabolic Optimal Control Problems Part II: Problems with Control Constraints

Report No. 2007-12

D. Meidner, B. Vexler

A Priori Error Estimates for Space-Time Finite Element Discretization of Parabolic Optimal Control Problems Part I: Problems without Control Constraints

Report No. 2007-11

J. Schöberl, A. Sinwel

Tangential-Displacement and Normal-Normal-Stress Continuous Mixed Finite Elements for Elasticity

Report No. 2007-10

M. Hahn, S. Frühwirth-Schnatter, J. Sass

Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods for Parameter Estimation in Multidimensional Continuous Time Markov Switching Models

Report No. 2007-9

I. Anufriev, V. Korneev, V. Kostylev

A posteriori error estimation by means of the exactly equilibrated fields

Report No. 2007-8

S. Beuchler, T. Eibner, U. Langer

Primal and Dual Interface Concentrated Iterative Substructuring Methods

Report No. 2007-7

A. Huszti, K. Scheicher, P. Surer, J.M. Thuswaldner

Three-Dimensional Symmetric Shift Radix Systems

Report No. 2007-6

B. Gebauer

Sensitivity analysis of a parabolic-elliptic problem

Report No. 2007-5

H. Albrecher, D. Kortschak

Asymptotic results for the sum of dependent non-identically distributed random variables

Report No. 2007-4

S. Akiyama, K. Scheicher

Symmetric shift radix systems and finite expansions

Report No. 2007-3

A. Hofinger, H.K. Pikkarainen

Convergence rates for linear inverse problems in the presence of an additive normal noise

Report No. 2007-2

T. Fidler, M. Grasmair, H. Pottmann, O. Scherzer

Inverse Problems of Integral Invariants and Shape Signatures

Report No. 2007-1