Reports From: 2004

S. Beuchler, J. Schöberl

New shape functions for triangular p-FEM using integrated Jacobi polynomials

Report No. 2004-18

M. Hintermüller, K. Kunisch

Path-following Methods for a Class of Constrained Minimization Problems in Function Space

Report No. 2004-17

B. Buchberger, F. Piroi

Label Management in Mathematical Theories

Report No. 2004-16

R. Becker, B. Vexler

Mesh Refinement and Numerical Sensitivity Analysis for Parameter Calibration of Partial Differential Equations

Report No. 2004-15

R. Griesse, M. Hintermüller, M. Hinze

Differential Stability of Control Constrained Optimal Control Problems for the Navier-Stokes Equations

Report No. 2004-14

L.L. Cristea, F. Pillichshammer, G. Pirsic, K. Scheicher

Discrepancy estimates for point sets on the s-dimensional Sierpinski carpet

Report No. 2004-13

H. Egger

Semiiterative Regularization in Hilbert Scales

Report No. 2004-12

H. Egger, A. Neubauer

Preconditioning Landweber Iteration in Hilbert Scales

Report No. 2004-11

H. Egger, H.W. Engl

Tikhonov Regularization Applied to the Inverse Problem of Option Pricing: Convergence Analysis and Rates

Report No. 2004-10

H. Egger, H.W. Engl, M.V. Klibanov

Global Uniqueness and Hölder Stability for Recovering a Nonlinear Source Term in a Parabolic Equation

Report No. 2004-9

J.K. Kraus, J. Synka

An agglomeration-based multilevel-topology concept with application to 3D-FE meshes

Report No. 2004-8

M. Hintermüller, K. Kunisch

Path-Following Methods for a class of Constrained Minimization Problems in Function Space

Report No. 2004-7

J. Sass

Portfolio Optimization under Transaction Costs in the CRR Model

Report No. 2004-6

C. Meyer, A. Rösch

L∞-Estimates For Approximated Optimal Control Problems

Report No. 2004-5

C. Haase, J. Schicho

Lattice polygons and the number 2i + 7

Report No. 2004-4

M. Marin, F. Piroi

Rule-Based Programming with Mathematica

Report No. 2004-3

K. Scheicher

β-expansions in algebraic function fields over finite fields

Report No. 2004-2

J.K. Kraus

Algebraic multilevel preconditioning of finite element matrices based on element agglomeration

Report No. 2004-1