• 20/09/2006 , Bonn
    J. Sass
    Utility maximization with partial information and further constraints
    DMV Tagung
  • 20/09/2006 , Paris
    L. He, T.C. Chung, S. Osher, T. Fang, P. Speier
    MR Image Reconstruction by Using the Iterative Refinement
    Mathematics and Image Analysis
  • 15/09/2006 , Karlovassi
    S. Thonhauser
    Exact solutions for dividend strategies of threshold and linear barrier type in a Sparre Andersen model
    4th Conference in Actuarial Science and Finance at Samos
  • 15/09/2006 , Karlovassi
    D. Kortschak
    Tail asymptotics for the sum of two dependent risks
    4th Conference in Actuarial Science and Finance at Samos
  • 15/09/2006 , Söllerhaus
    D. Pusch
    Sparse Approximations on Polygonal Meshes based on BEM Domain Decomposition Techniques
    4th Workshop: BEM in Industrial Applications
  • 15/09/2006 , Bonn
    R. Ramlau
    Effiziente Methoden zur Regularisierung von schlecht gestellten Problemen: Analysis und Anwendungen
    Seminar University of Bonn
  • 14/09/2006 , Kaiserslautern
    H.W. Engl
    There is nothing more practical than a good theory
    Iterative Methods for the Regularization of Nonlinear Inverse Problems
  • 12/09/2006 , NoveMestonaMorave
    M. Barton
    Bivariate Linear clipping
    26th Conference on Geometry and Computer Graphics
  • 12/09/2006 , Sofia
    J.K. Kraus
    An Edge-Based Algebraic Multigrid Method for Finite-Element Elasticity Problems
    Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - Institute for Parallel Processing
  • 07/09/2006 , Karlsruhe
    W. Putschögl
    How to make Portfolios more robust
    Operations Research 2006
  • 07/09/2006 , Karlsruhe
    J. Sass
    Trading Regions under Proportional Transaction Costs
    Operations Research 2006
  • 07/09/2006 , Karlsruhe
    M. Hahn
    Parameter Estimation for Stock Models with Non-Constant Volatility using MCMC Methods
    Operations Research 2006
  • 06/09/2006 , UniversityofPorto
    H. Albrecher
    The Quasi-Monte Carlo Method: Theory and Applications
    Department of Applied Mathematics
  • 05/09/2006 , Barcelona
    J. Schicho
    Linear Systems of Plane Curves
    Algebraic Geometry and Geometric Modeling
  • 02/09/2006 , Obergurgl
    A. Kuijper
    Geometrical & p-Laplacian PDEs in Image Analysis
    Variational and PDE Level Set Methods
  • 01/09/2006 , Obergurgl
    L. He, T.C. Chung, S. Osher, T. Fang, P. Speier
    MR Image Reconstruction by Using the Iterative Refinement
    Variational and PDE level set methods
  • 29/08/2006 , Miedzyzdroje
    A. Rösch
    Finite dimensional approximations of optimal control problems governed by partial differential equations
    MMAR 2006
  • 25/08/2006 , Lutherstadt-Wittenberg
    N. Metla
    Lipschitz Stability for linear-quadratic elliptic problems with mixed constraints
    Euro Summer Institut 2006
  • 25/08/2006 , Wichita
    H.W. Engl
    Regularization of Nonlinear Inverse Problems: Convergence Analysis
    Invited Talk Wichita State University
  • 22/08/2006 , Borovets
    J.K. Kraus
    Multilevel Preconditioning of 2D Rannacher-Turek FE Problems; Multiplicative and Additive Methods
    Sixth International Conference on Numerical Methods and Applications
  • 18/08/2006 , Tokyo
    J. Sass
    Portfolio Optimization with Partial Information: A Hidden Markov Model for Stock Returns with Jumps
    Bachelier Finance Society 2006 Fourth World Congress
  • 15/08/2006 , Dublin
    M. Giese
    A Logic with Subtypes to talk about Java Objects. Systems Research Group, UCD, Dublin, Ireland
    UCD Systems Research Group
  • 14/08/2006 , UniversityofWaterloo
    H. Albrecher
    Ruin Probabilities for an Insurance Portfolio with Dependent Risks
    Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science
  • 09/08/2006 , Edinburgh
    G. Regensburger
    Boundary value problems for nonlinear first-order ODEs - constructing generalised solutions via the max-plus algebra
    Workshop on the Algebraic Theory of Differential Equations
  • 09/08/2006 , Edinburgh
    M. Rosenkranz
    Symbolic Computation with Two-Point Boundary Value Problems
    Workshop on the Algebraic Theory of Differential Equations
  • 07/08/2006 , Montreal
    H. Albrecher
    Ruin theory in the presence of dividend payments and dependent risks
    Int. Workshop on Gerber-Shiu functions
  • 02/08/2006 , Berlin
    K. Krumbiegel
    Feasible iterative methods - Error estimates and numerical treatment
    Invited Talk Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics
  • 31/07/2006 , Berlin
    T. Beck
    Computational Formal Desingularization of Surfaces in P_C^3
    Magma 2006
  • 25/07/2006 , Düsseldorf
    R. Griesse
    Preconditioning of Linear Systems Arising in the Optimal Control of Magnetohydrodynamics
    SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra
  • 20/07/2006 , Kaiserslautern
    R. Griesse
    Continuous Optimization --- Applications and Prospects
    Colloquium TU Kaiserslautern