• 02/10/2007 , Long Beach
    Rainer Machne, Lukas Endler, James Lu, Stefan Müller
    The evolution of the bifurcation phenotype: phylogenetic and dynamical analysis of fungal GATA networks
    The Eighth International Conference on Systems Biology
  • 02/10/2007 , Chemnitz
    J. Sass
    Maximierung der Wachstumsrate unter Transaktionskosten
    Mathematisches Kolloquiuum
  • 01/10/2007 , Long Beach
    James Lu, Stefan Müller, Rainer Machne, Christoph Flamm
    Tutorial: Inverse methodologies for systems biology: SOSlib, MathSBML and Matlab extensions
    The Eighth International Conference on Systems Biology
  • 25/09/2007
    Sabine Zaglmayr J. Schöberl D. Braess
    Equilibrated residua-based a priori error estimators for Poisson and Maxwell's equations
    Chemnitz FEM Symposium
  • 24/09/2007 , Chemnitz
    Martin Huber
    Simulation of Diffraction in periodic Media with a coupled Finite Element and Plane Wave Approach
    FEM Symposium Chemnitz
  • 21/09/2007 , Günzburg
    Hansjörg Albrecher
    Abhängige Risiken und Ruintheorie
    Workshop of the German Academy of Actuaries
  • 20/09/2007 , Vienna
    Wolfgang Putschögl
    Optimal Investment Under Dynamic Risk Constraints and Partial Information
    Workshop and Mid-Term Conference on Advanced Mathematical Methods for Finance
  • 20/09/2007 , Schmochtitz
    Griesse, Roland
    Optimal Control for MHD Flows
    Colloquium SFB 609
  • 19/09/2007 , Linz
    M. Hahn
    Semi-continuous MCMC estimation of continuous time Markov switching models
    Statistiktage 2007
  • 18/09/2007 , Vannes
    L. He, T.C. Chung, S. Osher, T. Fang, P. Speier
    MR Image Reconstruction by Using the Iterative Refinement
    University of Bretagne Sud
  • 18/09/2007 , San Antonio
    A. kuijper
    p-Laplacian driven image processing
    14th International Conference on Image Processing, ICIP 2007 (San Antonio, Texas, USA, 16-19 September 2007)
  • 18/09/2007
    Stefan Thonhauser
    Optimal Dividend Strategies for a Risk Process Under Force of Interest
    Workshop and Mid-Term Conference on Advanced Mathematical Methods for Finance, September, 17th-22nd, 2007
  • 18/09/2007 , Vienna
    J. Sass
    The numeraire portfolio under transaction costs
    AMaMeF 2007
  • 18/09/2007 , Wien
    Hansjörg Albrecher
    ''Versicherungsmathematik am Radon-Institut
    Austrian Academy of Sciences
  • 18/09/2007 , Heidelberg
    Griesse, Roland
    Stability and Sensitivity Analysis in PDE-Constrained Optimization
    13th Czech-French-German Conference on Optimization
  • 16/09/2007 , Saalbach-Hinterglemm
    Kattrin Arning
    Modelling of Ionic Transport: a particle-based approach
    Summer School Molecular Bioanalytics 2007
  • 14/09/2007 , Wien
    A. Kuijper
    Images at Multiple Scales
    WWTF meeting
  • 14/09/2007 , Graz
    Griesse, Roland
    An SQP Method for Semilinear Optimal Control Problems with Mixed Constraints
    ENUMATH 2007
  • 13/09/2007 , Strobl
    B. Moore
    Determination of the complete set of statically balanced planar fourbar mechanisms
    Workshop on Computational Methods for Algebraic Spline Surfaces
  • 13/09/2007 , BIFEB Strobl
    Mario Kapl
    Multiresolution Analysis with Weighted Spline Wavelets
    Workshop on Computational Methods for Algebraic Spline Surfaces
  • 12/09/2007 , Graz
    Klann, E.
    Regularization by Fractional Methods and Data Smoothing
    ENUMATH 2007
  • 06/09/2007 , Saarbrücken
    Wolfgang Putschögl
    Optimal Consumption and Investment under Partial Information
    Operations Research 2007
  • 28/08/2007 , Bremen
    Klann, E.
    Simultaneous Reconstruction and Segmentation of Tomography Data
    Adaptive Numerical Methods for Inverse Problems
  • 28/08/2007 , Bremen
    Ronny Ramlau
    Regularization by two step methods
    Workshop on Adaptive Numerical Methods for Inverse Problems
  • 22/08/2007 , honolulu
    A. Kuijper and I. Havukkala
    Computationally Efficient Matching of MicroRNA Shapes using Mutual Symmetry
    9th IASTED International Conference on Signal and Image Processing (SIP 2007, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, August 20-22, 2007),
  • 21/08/2007 , RICAM, Altenbergerstrasse 50, 4040 Linz
    Sevilla, David
    Functional decomposition computations related to Monstruous Moonshine
    RICAM Group Seminar - Symbolic Computation
  • 14/08/2007
    Eva Sincich
    Stability and reconstructions for inverse corrosion problems
    ISAAC 2007
  • 30/07/2007 , Livermore
    Sabine Zaglmayr Joachim Schöberl
    hp-Finite Elements with local exact sequence property: Applied within Robust Preconditioning and the Maxwell EVP
    Lawrance Livermore National Lab
  • 29/07/2007 , Goettingen
    J. Schicho
    Constrution of Rational Points on Rational Surfaces, Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry
    Clay Summer School
  • 26/07/2007 , Waterloo
    J. Sass
    Trading regions for portfolio optimization under proportional transaction costs
    Computational Methods in Finance