• 24/01/2008 , Funchal
    A Kuijper
    Clustered Cell Segmentation - Based on Iterative Voting and the Level Set Method
    3rd International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications ( VISAPP, Funchal, Portugal, 22 - 25 January 2008)
  • 22/01/2008 , RICAM, Altenbergerstrasse 50, 4040 Linz
    Brian Moore
    Static balancing of planar four-bar mechanisms
    RICAM Group Seminar - Symbolic Computation
  • 17/01/2008 , Lausanne
    Hansjörg Albrecher
    Tax and divident payments in collective risk theory
    Seminaire ISA, University of Lausanne
  • 10/01/2008
    Kortschak, Dominik
    Approximation von Tail--Wahrscheinlichkeiten für zusammengesetzte Zufallsvariablen und Ruinwahrscheinlichkeiten
    Vesicherungsmathematisches Kolloquium
  • 08/01/2008 , Linz
    Peter Markowich
    Reaction-Diffusion (Convection) Equations and Entropies
    Workshop on Pattern Formation and Functional Morphology
  • 08/01/2008 , Linz
    M. Hahn
    Introduction to Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods
    Seminar Finanzmathematik, JKU Linz
  • 13/12/2007 , Aarhus
    J. Sass
    Trading regions for portfolio optimization under transaction costs
    Joint CAF/D-CAF - Thiele Seminar
  • 10/12/2007 , Eindhoven
    Hansjörg Albrecher
    Tax Payments in Risk Theory
    Int. Workshop on Multivariate Risk Management
  • 07/12/2007 , Paris
    B. Moore
    Computing Roots of Polynomials using Bivariate Quadratic Clipping
    MACIS Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Sciences
  • 05/12/2007
    Jean-Francois Renaud
    Spectrally negative Levy risk processes with tax and dividends
    Swiss Probability Seminar
  • 26/11/2007 , Lausanne
    Hansjörg Albrecher
    Dividend and Tax Payments in Risk Theory
    37e Journee de seminaires actuariels
  • 22/11/2007 , Linz
    Peter Elbau
    Non-convex variational methods
    BioImaging II/PDE methods
  • 21/11/2007 , Linz
    Ronny Ramlau
    Simultaneous Segmentation and Reconstruction of Tomography Data
    Workshop on Bioimaging / PDEs
  • 20/11/2007 , Linz
    Bastian Gebauer
    Localized potentials in electrical impedance tomography
    Workshop on Bioimaging II / PDEs
  • 19/11/2007 , Tokyo
    A. Kuijper
    Qualitative and Quantitative Behaviour of Geometrical PDEs in Image Processing
    8th Asian Conference on Computer Vision, ACCV 2007 (Tokyo, Japan, Nov. 18-22, 2007)
  • 19/11/2007 , München
    Hansjörg Albrecher
    Approximationen fuer Gesamtschadenverteilungen und Ruinwahrscheinlichkeiten im subexponentiellen Fall
    Autumn Conference of the German Association of Actuaries
  • 19/11/2007 , Linz
    Lin He
    MR Image Reconstruction from Sparse Radial Samples by Using the Iterative Refinement Procedure
    Workshop on Bioimaging II / PDEs
  • 19/11/2007 , Hagenberg
    M. Rosenkranz
    Noncommutative Polynomials for Boundary Problems
    Theorema Seminar
  • 13/11/2007 , Linz
    Lu, J
    Inverse analysis for qualitative aspects of gene networks
    Workshop on Systems Biology
  • 13/11/2007
    Martin Huber
    Simulation of Diffraction in periodic Media with a coupled Finite Element and Plane Wave Approach
    Institutsseminar Center for Computational Engineering Science, RWTH Aachen
  • 12/11/2007 , Heidelberg
    Massimo fornasier
    Mathematical imaging in visual art restoration
    SCCH 2007: Scientific Computing and the Cultural Heritage IWR Workshop
  • 09/11/2007 , Linz
    Stefan Müller
    Parameter identification in systems biology: solving inverse problems using regularization
    Special Semester on Quantitative Biology analyzed by Mathematical Methods: Workshop on Systems Biology
  • 09/11/2007 , Linz
    Johannes Kraus
    Multilevel methods for non-conforming finite element approximations of elliptic problems with large jumps in the coefficients
    Miniworkshop on Multiscale Elliptic Solvers
  • 06/11/2007 , Neubiberg
    Benedix, Olaf
    A-posteriori-Fehlerschätzung für semilineare Optimalsteuerprobleme mit Zustandsbeschränkungen
    Kolloquium Wissenschaftliches Rechnen, UniBW München
  • 11/10/2007
    Stefan Thonhauser
    Optimal dividend strategies for a risk process under force of interest
    SOR/QPA Seminar
  • 10/10/2007 , Linz
    Kattrin Arning
    Inverse Problems related to Ion Channels
    Special Radon Semester on Quantitative Biology analyzed by Mathematical Methods, Workshop on Ion Channels
  • 06/10/2007 , Kleinwalsertal
    Sabine Zaglmayr
    On High Order Finite Element Methods for Maxwell's Equations
    5th Workshop on Fast Boundary Element Methods in Industrial Applications
  • 05/10/2007 , Bad Honnef
    Pereverzyev Jr., Sergiy
    Optimal Control and Inverse Problems in Radiative Heat Transfer
    Annual Meeting 2007 of the DFG-SPP 1253 "Optimization with Partial Differential Equations"
  • 04/10/2007 , Bad Honnef
    Benedix, Olaf
    Error estimation for semilinear elliptic optimal control problems with state constraints
    Annual Meeting 2007 of the DFG-SPP 1253 "Optimization with Partial Differential Equations"
  • 02/10/2007 , Long Beach
    Rainer Machne, James Lu, Stefan Müller, Christoph Flamm
    SBML ODE Solver Library: Extensions for Inverse Analysis
    The Eighth International Conference on Systems Biology