• 17/03/2011 , Wuerzburg
    Daniel Wachsmuth
    Adaptive Methoden zur numerischen Loesung von Optimalsteuerungsproblemen
  • 15/03/2011 , Muenchen
    Daniel Wachsmuth
    Regularization methods for optimization problems
    OCIP 2011
  • 14/03/2011 , Garching bei München
    Andreas Langer
    Domain Decomposition Methods for Total Variation Minimization
    Workshop on Numerical Methods for Optimal Control and Inverse Problems
  • 09/03/2011 , Leipzig
    Prof. Dr. Ulrich Langer
    The Multiharmonic Finite Element Method for Simulation and Control of Evolution Problems
    conference on "Computational Methods in Multi-dimensional Applications"
  • 08/03/2011 , BIRS, Banff
    Jan Vybiral
    Learning Functions of Few Arbitrary Linear Parameters in High Dimensions
    Workshop "Sparse and Low Rank Approximation"
  • 08/03/2011
    M. Sini
    Reconstruction of interfaces using elastic waves
  • 08/03/2011
    M. Sini
    Inverse scattering by interfaces
  • 02/03/2011 , Innsbruck
    Wei Yang
    Inferring Biochemical Perturbation Sites from Metabolomics Covariance Data - A Mathematical Framework
    FEBS-SystemsX-SysBio2011:From Molecules to Function
  • 02/03/2011 , Innsbruck
    Clemens Zarzer
    Qualitative and Quantitative Inverse Analysis of the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenals Axis
    FEBS-SystemsX-SysBio2011:From Molecules to Function
  • 01/03/2011
    Gabor Hegedues
    Betti numbers of Stanley--Reisner rings with pure resolutions
    RICAM Group Seminar: Symbolic Computation
  • 25/02/2011 , Marseille
    M. Sini
    Reconstruction of interfaces using elastic waves
  • 22/02/2011
    M. Sini
    Reconstruction of interfaces using multifrequency acoustic incident waves
  • 21/02/2011 , Darmstadt
    Dr. Jenny Niebsch
    Unbalances in ultra-precision cutting machinery and the relation to surface quality
    9. Internationale Tagung Schwingungen in rotierenden Maschinen
  • 19/02/2011 , Columbia
    Otmar Scherzer
    Variational Methods in Banach Spaces for the Solution of Inverse Problems
    Workshop New frontiers in imaging and sensing
  • 18/02/2011 , London
    V. Naumova
    Assessment of blood glucose predictors: the Prediction-Error Grid Analysis (PRED-EGA)
    The 4th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments in Diabetes
  • 14/02/2011
    Josef Schicho, Niels Lubbes
    Symmetrie und Algebra
    Projektwoche Angewandte Mathematik
  • 10/02/2011 , Frankfurt
    Ronny Ramlau
    Inverse Problems in Adaptive Optics
    Vortrag an der Universität Frankfurt
  • 09/02/2011 , San Diego, CA
    Willems, Jörg
    Robust Additive Schwarz Preconditioners for Abstract Positive Definite Operators
    20th International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods
  • 07/02/2011 , San Diego
    Johannes Kraus
    Subspace Correction Method for Linear Elasticity Equations
    20th International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods
  • 07/02/2011 , San Diego in La Jolla, California
    Prof. Dr. Ulrich Langer
    Parameter-robust and almost optimal solvers for eddy current problems in the frequency domain
    20th International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods 7-11 February 2011
  • 31/01/2011 , Oberwolfach
    Otmar Scherzer
    Regularized Reconstruction of M-R ep Shapes with Statistical A Priori Knowledge
    Workshop Trends in Mathematical Imaging and Surface Processing
  • 28/01/2011 , Jena
    Jan Vybiral
    Average best m-term approximation
    Seminar on function spaces, FSU Jena
  • 28/01/2011 , Cambridge
    Andreas Langer
    Analysis of the Adaptive Iterative Bregman Algorithm
    Applied and Computational Analysis Graduate Seminar
  • 25/01/2011 , Leipzig
    Jan Vybiral
    Johnson-Lindenstrauss lemma for circulant matrices
    Seminar on MPI, Leipzig
  • 14/01/2011 , Linz
    Peter Elbau
    Non-Local Functionals for Imaging
    Inverse Problems Seminar
  • 07/01/2011
    M. Sini
    Reconstruction of interfaces using only the P or S parts of the elastic waves
  • 06/01/2011 , London
    Karin Schnass
    Dictionary Identification - Sparse Matrix-Factorisation via L1-Minimisation
    SMALL Workshop on Sparse Dictionary Learning
  • 20/12/2010
    Michael Harrison
    Galois Representations II
    RICAM Group Seminar - Symbolic Computation - "Galois Representations II"
  • 16/12/2010 , Taiwan
    Jan Haskovec
    From individual to collective behaviour of coupled velocity jump processes: a locust example
    PDE Models of Biological Processes
  • 16/12/2010 , Hong Kong
    Philipp Kügler
    In Silico Manipulation of Qualitative Biological Behaviour using Sparsity Enforcing Regularization
    International Conference on Inverse Problems