• 26/06/2012 , Pilsen
    Maximilian Emans
    GPU Implementation of K-cycle AMG for General Purpose Fluid Flow Solvers
    ESCO 2012
  • 26/06/2012
    Krishan Gahalaut
    Multigrid solvers for isogeometric Discretization
    DD-21 Conference
  • 26/06/2012
    Angelika Manhart
    A Boltzmann-like Equation for Myxobacteria
    Summerschool Weissensee
  • 26/06/2012 , Linz
    Janecek Stefan , Aichinger Michael
    Electronic Structure Calculations in Strong Magnetic Fields
    Future Prospects in Many Particle Theory
  • 25/06/2012 , Rennes
    Jörg Willems
    Spectral Coarse Space Construction in Robust Multilevel Methods
    21st International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods
  • 25/06/2012 , Oberwolfach
    Sergei V. Pereverzyev
    Learning in Variable RKHSs with Application to the Blood Glucose Reading
    Workshop Learning Theory and Approximation
  • 25/06/2012 , Pilsen
    Ivan Georgiev
    Hybrid V-Cycle Multilevel Preconditioning of Non-Conforming Bilinear FEM Systems
    European Seminar on Computing
  • 22/06/2012
    Dietmar Ölz
    Modeling of asymmetric segregation of PIE-1 in C-elegans embryos
  • 21/06/2012 , Hagenberg
    Arne Winterhof
    On the non-existence of Butson-Hadamard matrices
    Linz Algebra Research Day 2012
  • 20/06/2012 , Lille
    Stefan Müller
    An integrated model of carbon fluxes in a photobioreactor
    Group seminar - Computer algebra group, LIFL, Universite Lille 1
  • 20/06/2012 , Linz
    Stefan Janecek
    Status Report SinterSimulation
    Project Meeting SinterSimulation VAI
  • 20/06/2012 , Wien
    Bayramov Nadir
    Subspace correction methods for applications in natural sciences
    Hearing DK W1246-B20 Nano-Analytics of Cellular Systems
  • 20/06/2012 , Linz
    Norbert Lorenz
    Status Report SinterSimulation
    Project Meeting SinterSimulation VAI
  • 20/06/2012 , Cetraro
    Angelos Mantzaflaris
    Applied geometry and Isogeometric Analysis
    CIME-EMS Summer School, IsoGeometric Analysis: a New Paradigm in the Numerical Approximation of PDEs. Cetraro, Italy
  • 20/06/2012 , Oslo
    Angelos Mantzaflaris
    Efficient assembly of matrices for isogeometric solving
    Eighth International Conference on Mathematical Methods for Curves and Surfaces. Oslo, Norway
  • 19/06/2012 , Valencia
    Ronny Ramlau
    Iterative Reconstruction Methods for Adaptive Optics
    SIAM 2012 Conference on Applied Linear Algebra
  • 19/06/2012 , Münster
    Chamakuri Nagaiah
    Boundary control of bidomain equations
    PDESoft international conference
  • 14/06/2012 , Varna
    Ivan Georgiev
    Semi-coarsening Multilevel Preconditioning of Bilinear Nonconforming FEM Systems
    Fourth Conference of the Euro-American Consortium for Promoting the Application of Mathematics in Technical and Natural Sciences (AMiTaNS'12))
  • 12/06/2012 , Helsinki
    Maximilian Emans
    Efficient Setup of Aggregation AMG for CFD on GPU
  • 12/06/2012 , Tokio
    H. Niederreiter
    Open problems on nets and (t,s)-sequences
    Workshop on Quasi-Monte Carlo and Pseudorandom Number Generation
  • 12/06/2012 , Vienna
    Konstantinos Kalimeris
    Photoacoustic Imaging in Attenuating Acoustic Media
    Dissipative Photoacoustic Session
  • 12/06/2012 , Linz
    Haslinger, Josef
    Application oriented dynamic simulation of elastic multibody systems
    RICAM Group Seminar - Transfer Group
  • 11/06/2012 , Varna
    Johannes Kraus
    Algebraic multilevel methods based on domain decomposition
    Fourth Conference of the Euro-American Consortium for Promoting the Application of Mathematics in Technical and Natural Sciences
  • 07/06/2012
    Angelika Manhart
    A Kinetic Transport Model for Actin-Myosin Interactions
    M&MKT 2012
  • 07/06/2012
    Hirsch, Stefanie
    A Simplified Model for a Lamellipodium
    M&MKT 2012
  • 04/06/2012 , Waterloo
    Arne Winterhof
    Boolean functions derived from pseudorandom sequences
    SETA 2012
  • 01/06/2012 , Graz
    Norbert Lorenz
    Projektstatus EXCITE
  • 01/06/2012 , Graz
    Roman Heinzle
    Projektstatus BOOST RT
  • 01/06/2012 , Graz
    Haslinger, Josef
    Projektstatus EXCITE
    IMCC Status Meeting
  • 25/05/2012 , Tokio
    H. Niederreiter
    Quasi-Monte Carlo methods: deterministic is often better than random
    Colloquium University of Tokio