• 28/05/2015 , Helsinki
    Pavlo Tkachenko
    Two-parameter regularization of ill-posed spherical pseudo-differential equations in the C-space
    Applied inverse problems 2015
  • 27/05/2015 , Granada
    Schmeiser, Christian
    Mathematical models of cell motility
    Biomat 2015
  • 27/05/2015 , Dijon
    Roberto Guglielmi
    Optimal Control of the Fokker-Planck equation
    Seminaires Statistique, Probabilites, Optimisation et Controles
  • 26/05/2015
    Sergei V. Pereverzyev
    On the convergence rate and some applications of regularized ranking algorithms
    Applied inverse problems 2015
  • 20/05/2015
    T. Wick
    3D phase-field for pressurized fracture propagation in heterogeneous media
    ECCOMAS Coupled Problems and IACM conference at San Servolo
  • 20/05/2015 , Linz
    W. Meidl
    Functions with a special Walsh transform
    Group Seminar DM
  • 18/05/2015 , Bayreuth
    Roberto Guglielmi
    Null controllability of degenerate equations
  • 16/05/2015 , Shanghai
    Pavlo Tkachenko
    Regularized Ranking III: Application in Diabetes Technology
    Regularization Theory of Unctructured Data
  • 16/05/2015 , Shanghai
    Sergei V. Pereverzyev
    Regularized ranking I: Theoretical aspects
    Regularization Theory of Unstructured Data
  • 16/05/2015 , Shanghai
    Galyna Kriukova
    Regularized ranking II: aggregation by linear functional strategy
    Regularization Theory of Unctructured Data
  • 15/05/2015
    Marie-Therese Wolfram
    Mean field games with nonlinear mobilities in pedestrian dynamics
    13th Viennese Workshop Optimal Control and Dynamic Games
  • 13/05/2015 , Vienna
    Stephan Anzengruber
    Autoconvolution in the characterization of ultrashort laser pulses
    Seminar talk at the Computational Science Center
  • 08/05/2015 , Linz
    Pavlo Tkachenko
    Regularized ranking: generalization, improved rates and prospective applications
    Austrian Numerical Analysis Day
  • 08/05/2015 , Linz
    Galyna Kriukova
    Regularized ranking: aggregation by linear functional strategy
    Austrian Numerical Analysis Day
  • 07/05/2015
    Ioannis Toulopoulos
    Isogeometric Analysis on non-matching interface subdivisions
    Austrian Numerical Analysis Day
  • 07/05/2015
    Marie-Therese Wolfram
    On a non-linear cross-diffusion model for pedestrian dynamics
    Workshop on Emerging mathematical topics in biology and life sciences
  • 06/05/2015 , Berlin
    Stefan Müller
    Enzyme allocation problems in kinetic metabolic networks
    Workshop: Evolution and Optimality in Cellular Systems
  • 06/05/2015
    Huidong Yang
    Robust Monolithic fluid-structure-interaction (FSI) solvers
    11th Austrian Numerical Analysis Day
  • 06/05/2015 , Montpellier
    Roberto Guglielmi
    Stabilization and control of partial differential equations
  • 29/04/2015 , Bedlevo
    Sergiy V. Pereverzyev
    On the convergence rate and some applications of regularized ranking algorithms
    Information based complexity 2015
  • 24/04/2015 , Oberwolfach
    Nelly Villamizar
    Bounds on the dimension of spline spaces on triangulations
    Oberwolfach workshop on Multivariate Splines and Algebraic Geometry
  • 23/04/2015
    Christoph Koutschan
    D-finite and holonomic functions
    Approximation and Combinatorics
  • 23/04/2015
    T. Wick
    Variational-monolithic fluid-structure interaction in ALE and fully Eulerian coordinates
    Seminar in Saarbruecken
  • 22/04/2015 , Gothenburg
    O. Roche-Newton
    Elementary methods for the sum-product problem
    Discrete Mathematics Seminar, - April 2015
  • 21/04/2015
    Helene Ranetbauer
    Derivation and analysis of a non-linear cross-diffusion model for pedestrian dynamics
    Gradient flows: from theory to application
  • 14/04/2015 , Paris
    L. Merai
    On the typical values of the cross-correlation measure
    WCC 2015 (The Ninth International Workshop on Coding and Cryptography 2015)
  • 13/04/2015 , Vienna
    Christian Gerhards
    Aggregation of satellite and ground data for an improved approximation of the harmonic potential
    European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2015
  • 11/04/2015 , Vienna
    Otmar Scherzer
    Mathematical Imaging
    Lehrerfortbildung 2015
  • 06/04/2015 , Seattle
    Philipp Kügler
    Population based cardiac action potential modeling reveals alternative mechanisms for early after depolarizations
    ISB Annual Symposium 2015
  • 02/04/2015 , Obergurgl
    F. Buchegger M. Kapl
    Isogeometric analysis with geometrically continuous functions on multi-patch geometries
    6th NFN Seminar