• 01/06/2017 , Ars Electronica Center Linz
    Christoph Koutschan
    Die Keplersche Vermutung - Mathematische Beweise mit dem Computer
    Next Generation JKU
  • 30/05/2017 , Hangzhou
    Sergei V. Pereverzyev
    Complexity of linear ill-posed problems in Hilbert space
    The 9th Applied inverse problems conference
  • 30/05/2017 , Hangzhou
    Sergei V. Pereverzyev
    Multiple kernel learning by means of linear functional strategy
    The 9th Applied inverse problems conference
  • 29/05/2017 , Hangzhou
    Sergei V. Pereverzyev
    Modern regularization techniques in data-based learning
    The 9th Applied inverse problems conference
  • 29/05/2017 , University of Salzburg
    W. Meidl
    Bent, generalized bent, and shifted bent functions
    Seminar University of Salzburg
  • 29/05/2017 , Hangzhou
    Ramlau, Ronny
    Inverse Problems in Adaptive Optics
    Applied Inverse Problems
  • 27/05/2017
    Sergei V. Pereverzyev
    Adaptation Strategies for Regularized Kernel Based Learning
    International Conference on Computational Harmonic Analysis 2017
  • 24/05/2017 , Wien
    Helene Ranetbauer
    On cross-diffusion models for interacting particle systems
    PDE Seminar TU Vienna
  • 18/05/2017
    Christian Irrgeher
    Simulation in Gaussian models and Integration in Hermite spaces: State of research and open problems
    Stochastic Seminar, University of Graz
  • 18/05/2017 , Braunschweig
    Roland Wagner
    Control Algorithms for Astronomical Adaptive Optics
    Mathematical Optimization in Aeronautics and Space
  • 18/05/2017 , Warwick
    Ranetbauer Helene
    On cross-diffusion systems for intersecting pedestrian flows
    Emerging PDE models in Socio-Economic Sciences
  • 17/05/2017 , Mariatrost, Graz
    Sérgio S. Rodrigues
    On the feedback stabilization to trajectories for semilinear parabolic equations
    Workshop OCDS
  • 12/05/2017 , JKU Linz
    Christoph Koutschan
    Quod erat demonstrandum - proofs by computer
  • 11/05/2017 , Berlin
    Gallet, Matteo
    The number of realizations of a Laman graph
    Computing in tropical geometry
  • 11/05/2017 , Essen
    Gwenael Mercier
    Critical yield numbers of rigid particles settling in Bingham fluids and Cheeger sets
    Oberseminar Analysis
  • 08/05/2017
    Konstantinos Kalimeris
    A non-local formulation for two-dimensional water waves
    Workshop Applied and computational complex analysis, ICMS
  • 05/05/2017 , Berlin
    Sergei Pereverzyev
    The Balancing Principle beyond its primary use
    Conference on the Occassion of Reinhold Schneider’s 60th Birthday
  • 05/05/2017 , Klagenfurt
    Christoph Koutschan
    Puiseux series and integral bases of algebraic functions
    Wien-Linz Workshop
  • 05/05/2017
    Svetlana Matculevich
    Functional type a posteriori EEs and adaptivity in IgA
    13th Austrian Numerical Analysis Day May 4–5, 2017, Paris Lodron University of Salzburg, Austria
  • 03/05/2017
    Svetlana Matculevich
    Functional type a posteriori error estimates and adaptivity in IgA
    9th NFN Seminar April 3–5, 2017, bifeb, Strobl, Austria
  • 30/04/2017 , KAUST
    Ulrich Langer
    Multipatch discontinuous galerkin space and space-time isogeometric analysis
    KAUST workshop
  • 28/04/2017 , Linz
    Christoph Koutschan
    Two Facets of Computational Mathematics: Numerics and Symbolics
    ERCOM Meeting
  • 26/04/2017 , Bonn
    L. Merai
    Pseudorandomness of automatic sequences
    Number Theory Seminar MPI
  • 17/04/2017 , Xiamen
    Kapl, Mario
    Dimension and basis construction for analysis-suitable G1 two-patch parameterizations
    International Conference on Geometric Modeling and Processing (GMP 2017)
  • 11/04/2017 , Garching bei München
    Roland Wagner Ronny Ramlau
    PSF reconstruction and blind deconvolution
    MICADO System Requirements Review
  • 06/04/2017 , Garching, Munich
    Sérgio S. Rodrigues
    On the stabilization of parabolic equations by a finite number of actuators
    OCIP 2017
  • 03/04/2017 , Munich
    K. Kunisch
    Sparsity in PDE-constrained Optimal Control
    Quantum Control Theory Workshop
  • 30/03/2017 , Linz
    Roland Wagner Daniela Saxenhuber Ronny Ramlau
    Point spread function reconstruction for Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics
    100 Years of the Radon Transform
  • 30/03/2017 , Linz
    Kamran Sadiq
    Quantitative photoacoustic imaging in the acoustic regime using single plane illumination microscopy (SPIM)
    100 Years of the Radon Transform
  • 29/03/2017 , Oberwolfach
    K. Kunisch
    Remarks on the HJB - Equation of OptimalControl
    Multiscale and High-Dimensional Problems