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Place / Publishing House:Aarhus : Aarhus Univ.-Forl., København : Munksgaard, 1938-
Publication history:1.1938 -
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Beitrag zur Kenntnis sklerosierender Entmarkungsprozesse im Gehirn, mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der diffusen Sklerose : (Strümpell-Heubner) ; eine klinisch-anatomische Studie 1938 10,2
Notes on diffuse sclerosis, diffuse gliomatosis and diffuse glioblastomatosis of the brain, with a report of two cases / by Larus Einarson and Axel V. Neel 1940 12,3
Turner's syndrome : in 115 Danish girls born between 1955 and 1966 / by Johannes Nielsen and Ingelise Sillesen 1981 22
The Samso project : a community psychiatric project in a geographically delimited population / ed. by Johannes Nielsen ... 1981 23
Psychiatric Morbidity among civilians in wartime : on trends studies in general and a trends study of Danish psychiatric hospital admissions, 1939 - 1948 / by Bent Borup Svendsen 1952 24,Suppl.A
Patients in Danish psychiatric hospitals : results of a census in 1957 ; with an appendix of tables and graphs / by Kaj Arentsen and Erik Strömgren 31,1
Diffuse progressive Leucoencephalopathy (diffuse cerebral sclerosis) and its relationship to amaurotic idiocy : histological and clinical aspects / by Lárus Einarson in collaboration with Erik Strömgren 1961 33,1
Kuliltedødsfald ved selvmord, ulykker og drab / af Jørgen B. Dalgaard 1961 33,3
A cytochemical and cytomorphological Investigation of serous salivary glands with special reference to the contents of cytoplasmic basophilic substance in the serous cells / by Jørgen C. L. Holtet 1962 34,1
Five years later : a comparison between census studies of patients in psychiatric institutions in Denmark in 1957 and 1962 ; with an appendix of tables and graphs / by Niels Juel-Nielsen and Erik Strömgren 35,1
Coronarsygdom ved diabetes mellitus : en kritisk gennemgang af litteraturen / af Poul Ebbe Nielsen 1967 39,1
Contributions to psychiatric epidemiology and genetics / by Erik Strömgren 1968 40,4
An analysis of the doubling of admissions to Danish psychiatric institutions between 1948 and 1966 1968 40,5
A psychiatric-psychological study of 50 severely hypogonadal male patients, including 34 with Klinefelter's syndrome 47,XXY / by Johannes Nielsen... 1969 41,3
Turner's syndrome : a psychiatric-psychological study of 45 women with Turner's syndrome compared with their sisters and women with normal Karyotypes, growth retardation and primary amenorrhoea / by Johannes Nielsen, Helmuth Nyborg and Gudrun Dahl 45