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Wroxeter, the cornovii, and the urban process : final report on the Wroxeter Hinterland project 1994 - 1997 / by V. L. Gaffney and R. H. White with H. Goodchild ...
The Roman and Byzantine Near East : some recent archaeological research / ed. by J. H. Humphrey ...
Continuity and innovation in religion in the Roman West / ed. by R. Haeussler ... ...
An island through time : Jerba studies / Ministère de la Culture et de la Sauvegarde du Patrimoine ... ...
The Sevso Treasure ...
The theatre, a sculptor's workshop, philosophers, and coin-types : including the papers given at the Third International Aphrodisias Colloquium held at New York University on 7 and 8 April, 1989 / ed. by R. R. R. Smith and Kenan T. Erim 1991 2
Literacy in the Roman world / Mary Beard ... 1991 3
New research on the city and its monuments / ed. by Christopher Ratté and R. R. R. Smith. With contrib. by L. Bier ... 2008 4
Excavation and research at Aphrodisias, 2006-2012 / edited by R.R.R. Smith [und 3 weitere] ; with contributions by A. Chaniotis [und 18 weitere] 2016 5
The inscribed economy : production and distribution in the Roman empire in the light of "instrumentum domesticum" ; the proceedings of a conference held at The American Academy in Rome on 10 - 11 January, 1992 / ed. by W. V. Harris 1993 6
The Corinthia in the Roman period : including the papers given at a symposium held at the Ohio State University on 7 - 9 March, 1991 / ed. by Timothy E. Gregory 1993 8
Fifth International Colloquium on Ancient Mosaics : held at Bath, England, on September 5 - 12, 1987 / ed. by Peter Johnson ... 9
Tel Anafa / ed. by Sharon C. Herbert 10
Rome papers : the baths of Trajan Decius, Iside e Serapide nel Palazzo, a late Domus on the Palatine, and Nero's Golden House / by L. La Follette ... 1994 11
Deep water archaeology : a late-Roman ship from Carthage and an ancient trade route near Skerki Bank off Northwest Sicily / by Anna Marguerite McCann and Joann Freed. With contributions from others 1994 13
A Roman provincial capital and its hinterland : the survey of the territory of Tarragona, Spain, 1985 - 1990 / by Josep-Maria Carreté, Simon Keay and Martin Millett. With contributions from Lurdes Burès ... 1995 15
La pierre en Gaule Narbonnaise et les carrières du Bois des Lens (Nîmes) : histoire, archéologie, ethnographie et techniques / Jean-Claude Bessac 1996 16
Subject and ruler : the cult of the ruling power in classical antiquity ; papers presented at a conference held in The Univ. of Alberta on April 13 - 15, 1994, to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Duncan Fishwick / ed. by Alastair Small 1996 17
The Roman army in the East / ed. by David L. Kennedy. With contributions by D. Braund ... 1996 18
Archaeological research in Roman Egypt : the proceedings of the Seventeenth Classical Colloquium of The Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities, British Museum, held on 1-4 December, 1993 / ed. by Donald M. Bailey 1996 19
Measuring sex, age and death in the Roman Empire : explorations in ancient demography / by Walter Scheidel 1996 21
Domestic space in the Roman world : Pompeii and beyond / ed. by Ray Laurence and Andrew Wallace-Hadrill 1997 22
Dialogues in Roman imperialism : power, discourse, and discrepant experience in the Roman Empire / ed. by D. J. Mattingly. With contributions by S. E. Alcock ... 1997 23
Roman London, recent archaeological work : including papers given at a seminar held at The Museum of London on 16 November, 1996 / ed. by Bruce Watson. With contrib. by N. Bateman ... 1998 24
The baths of Caracalla : a study in the design, construction and economics of large-scale building projects in imperial Rome / by Janet DeLaine 1997 25
The twin towns of Zeugma on the Euphrates : rescue work and historical studies / by David Kennedy. With contrib. from J. Bunbury ... 1998 27
Carthage papers : the early colony's economy, water supply, a public bath, and the mobilization of state olive oil / by J. T. Peña ... 1998 28
The archaeology of early Roman Baetica / ed. by Simon Keay. With contrib. by M. Belén ... 1998 29
The sanctuary of Tanit at Carthage in the Roman period : a re-interpretation / by Henry Hurst 1999 30
Roman Germany : studies in cultural interaction / ed. by J. D. Creighton ... With contrib. by D. Krausse ... 1999 32
The transformations of Urbs Roma in late antiquity : [proceedings of a conference which took place on February 13 - 15, 1997, in part at at the American Academy in Rome and in part at the University of Rome "La Sapienza"] / ed. by W. V. Harris. With contrib. by J. Arce ... 1999 33
The Roman army as a community : including papers of a conference held at Birkbeck College, University of London on 11-12 January, 1997 / ed. by Adrian Goldsworthy ... With contrib. by C. E. P. Adams ... 1999 34
The coloniae of Roman Britain : new studies and a review ; papers of the conference held at Gloucester on 5-6 July, 1997 / ed. by Henry Hurst. With contrib. by P. Crummy ... 1999 36
Roman baths and bathing : proceedings of the First International Conference on Roman Baths held at Bath, England, 30 March - 4 April 1992 / ed. by J. DeLaine ... 1999 37
Romanization and the city : creation, transformations, and failures ; proceedings of a conference held at the American Academy in Rome to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the excavations at Cosa, 14 - 16 May, 1998 / ed. by Elizabeth Fentress. With contrib. by S. Alcock ... 2000 38
From Dura to Sepphoris : studies in Jewish art and society in late antiquity / ed. by Lee I. Levine and Zeev Weiss; With contrib. by D. Amit ... 2000 40
Recent research in late-antique urbanism / ed. by Luke Lavan. With contributions by W. Bowden ... 2001 42
Aspects of friendship in the Graeco-Roman world : proceedings of a conference held at the Seminar für Alte Geschichte, Heidelberg, on 10 - 11 June, 2000 / ed. by Michael Peachin. With contrib. by M. L. Caldelli ... 2001 43
Images of Rome : perceptions of ancient Rome in Europe and the United States in the modern age / ed. by Richard Hingley 2001 44
Urbanism in Western Asia Minor : new studies on Aphrodisias, Ephesos, Hierapolis, Pergamon, Perge and Xanthos / ed. by David Parrish. With contrib. by H. Abbasoğlu ... 2001 45
The aqueducts of Israel / ed. by David Amit ... 2002 46
Pompeian brothels, Pompeii's ancient history, mirrors and mysteries, art and nature at oplontis & the Herculaneum 'Basilica' / by T. McGinn ... 2002 47
Becoming Roman, writing Latin? : Literacy and epigraphy in the Roman West / ed. by Alison E. Cooley. With contrib. by A. Burnett ... 2002 48
Mapping Augustan Rome / dir. by Lothar Haselberger ... Ed. by Elisha Ann Dumser. With contrib. by D. Borbonus ... 2002 50
Zeugma: interim reports : rescue excavations (Packard Humanities Institute), incription of Antiochus I, bronze statue of Mars, house and mosaic of the Synaristôsai, and recent work on the Roman army at Zeugma / by R. Early ... 2003 51
A Cypriot village of late antiquity : Kalavasos-Kopetra in the Vasilikos Valley / by Marcus Rautman 2003 52
Excavations at Coptos (Qift) in upper Egypt, 1987 - 1992 / by S. C. Herbert and A. Berlin. With contributions by D. T. Ariel ... 2003 53
Production and consumption of animals in Roman Italy : integrating the zooarchaeological and textual evidence / by Michael MacKinnon 2004 54
Ancient baths and bathing : a bibliography for the years 1988 - 2001 / compiled by Hubertus Manderscheid 2004 55
Roman Dacia : the making of a provincial society / ed. by W. S. Hanson ... 2004 56
Ostia, Cicero, Gamala, feasts & the economy : papers in memory of John H. D'Arms / ed. by A. Gallina Zevi ... With contrib. by J. Andreau ... 2004 57
Deep-water shipwrecks off Skerki Bank: the 1997 survey / by Anna Marguerite McCann & John Peter Oleson. With contrib. by J. Adams ... 2004 58
Bir Ftouha : a pilgrimage church complex at Carthage / by Susan T. Stevens ... 2005 59
Excavations on the site of the Jerusalem International Convention Center (Binyanei Ha'uma) : a settlement of the late first to second temple period, the tenth legion's kilnworks, and a Byzantine monastic complex ; the pottery and other small finds / dir. and ed. by Benny Arubas and Haim Goldfus 2005 60
Imaging ancient Rome : documentation, visualization, imagination ; proceedings of the Third Williams Symposium on Classical Architecture held at the American Academy in Rome, the Britisch School at Rome, and the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Rome, on May 20 - 23, 2004 / ed. by Lothar Haselberger ... With contrib. by D. Abernathy ... 2006 61
Early Roman towns in Hispania Tarraconensis / ed. by L. Abad Casal ... 2006 62
Articulating local cultures : power and identity under the expanding Roman Republic / ed. by P. van Dommelen ... With contrib. by B. Costa Ríbas ... 2007 63
Urbem adornare : die Stadt Rom und ihre Gestaltumwandlung unter Augustus ; Rome's urban metamorphosis under Augustus : Rome's urban metamorphosis under Augustus / by Lothar Haselberger. Engl. transl. of the main text by Alexander Thein 2007 64
Age and ageing in the Roman Empire / ed. by Mary Harlow ... 2007 65
Roman by integration : dimensions of group identity in material culture and text / ed. by Roman Roth ... With contrib. by E. Flaig ... 2007 66
Supplying Rome and the Empire : the proceedings of an international seminar held at Siena - Certosa di Pontignano on May 2 - 4, 2004 on Rome, the provinces, production and distribution / ed. by Emanuele Papi. With contrib. by M. Bonifay ... 2007 69
Ethnicity, conquest and recruitment : two case studies from the Northern military provinces / by Vivien Swan 2009 72
Vlpia Noviomagvs, Roman Nijmegen : the Batavian capital at the imperial frontier / by Willem J. H. Willems and Harry van Enckevort 2009 73
The army and frontiers of Rome : papers offered to David J. Breeze on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday and his retirement from Historic Scotland / ed. by William S. Hanson ... With contributions by L. Allason-Jones ... 2009 74
A cemetery of vandalic date at Carthage / Susan T. Stevens, Mark Garrison and Joann Freed 2009 75
Studies on Roman pottery of the provinces of Africa Proconsularis and Byzacena (Tunisia) : hommage à Michel Bonifay / ed. by J. H. Humphrey. With contrib. by P. Bes ... 2009 76
Fréjus (Forum Julii) : le port antique / par Chérine Gébara and Christophe Morhange ; with contributions by Yvon Lemoine... 2010 77
Roman diasporas : archaeological approaches to mobility and diversity in the Roman empire / ed. by Hella Eckardt ... Contrib.: J. L. Barta ... 2010 78
The formation of Roman urbanism, 338 - 200 B.C. : between contemporary foreign influence and Roman tradition / by Jamie Sewell 2010 79
Roman sculpture in Asia Minor : proceedings of the International Conference to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Italian excavations at Hierapolis in Phrygia, held on may 24 - 26, 2007, in Cavallino (Lecce) / edited by F. D'Andria and I. Romeo 2011 80
The archaeology of sanctuaries and ritual in Etruria / ed. by N. T. de Grummond ... 2011 81
Early Roman Thrace : new evidence from Bulgaria / ed. by Ian P. Haynes 2011 82
Local Cultures of south Italy and Sicily in the late republican period : between Hellenism and Rome / ed. by Fabio Colivicchi with contrib. by L. M. Calió ... 2011 83
Maritime technology in the ancient economy : ship-design and navigation / ed. by W. V. Harris and K. Iara. With contrib. by P. Arnaud ... 2011 84
The making of Pompeii : studies in the history and urban development of an ancient town / ed. by Steven J. R. Ellis 2011 85
Dying on foreign shores : travel and mobility in the late-antique west / by Mark Handley 2011 86
Comparative issues in the archaeology of the Roman rural landscape : site classification between survey, excavation and historical categories / ed. by Peter A. J. Attema ... 2012 88
Making Roman places, past and present : papers presented at the first Critical Roman Archaeology Conference held at Stanford University in March, 2008 / ed. by Daran Marie Totten ... 2012 89
Silchester and the study of Roman-British urbanism / ed. by Michael Fulford 2012 90
More than just numbers? : the role of science in Roman archaeology / ed. by Irene Schrüfer-Kolb 2012 91
Ateliers and artisans in Roman art and archaeology / ed. by T. M. Kristensen and B. Poulsen 2012 92
Breaking down boundaries : Hadrian's Wall in the 21st century / ed. by Rob Collins and Matthew Symonds 2013 93
Rome beyond its frontiers : imports, attitudes and practices / ed. by Peter S. Wells 2013 94
Living and working in the Roman world : essays in honour of Michael Fulford on his 65th Birthday / ed. by Hella Eckardt ... 2013 95
Infant health and death in Roman Italy and beyond / ed. by Maureen Carroll and Emma-Jayne Graham 2014 96
Papers on Italian urbanism in the first millennium B. C. / ed. by Elizabeth C. Robinson with contributions by P. A. J. Attema ... 2014 97
The House of Sallust in Pompeii (VI 2, 4) / by Anne Laidlaw and Marco Salvatore Stella ; with contributions by Jacquelyn Collins-Clinton ... 2014 98
The horologium of Augustus : debate and context / by Lothar Haselberger. With contributions by Paolo Albèri Auber ... 2014 99
The North African boom : evaluating economic growth in the Roman province of Africa Proconsularis (146 B.C. - A.D. 439) / by Matthew S. Hobson 2015 100
Paradigm and progeny : Roman imperial architecture and its legacy ; proceedings of a conference held at the American Academy in Rome on 6-7 December, 2011 in honor of William L. MacDonald / edited by D. Favro, F.K. Yegül, J. Pinto, and G. Métraux ; with contributions by T.C. Brennan [und vierzehn anderen] 2015 101
Public and private houses in the Roman house and society / edited by Kaius Tuori and Laura Nissin ; with contributions by L. Bablitz [und 12 weiteren] 2015 102
Fluvial landscapes in the Roman world / edited by Tyler V. Franconi ; with contributions by J.-P. Bravard [und 25 weiteren] 2017 104
Roman Jerusalem : a new old city / edited by Gideon Avni and Guy D. Stiebel ; with contributions by Gideon Avni [and 14 others] 2017 105
The Elephant Mosaic Panel in the Synagogue at Huqoq : official publication and initial interpretations / by Karen Britt and Ra'anan Boustan 2017 106
The role of zooarchaeology in the study of the western Roman Empire / edited by Martyn G. Allen ; with contributions by M.G. Allen [und 14 weiteren] 2019 107
Élite burial practices and processes of urbanization at Gabii : the non-adult tombs from area D of the Gabii project excavations / edited by Marcello Mogetta ; with contributions by Sheira Cohen [und 11 weiteren] 2020 108
For the love of Carthage : cemeteries, a bath and the circus in the southwest part of the city; pottery, brickstamps and lamps from several sites; the presence of saints, & urban development in the pertica region / edited by J.H.Humphrey ; with contributions by H. Ben Romdhane, R. Bockmann [und 20 weiteren] 2020 109
From the Palatine to Pirro Ligorio : architectural, sculptural and antiquarian studies in memory of Amanda Claridge (1949-2022) / edited by Glynn J.C. Davis, Janet DeLaine, Zena Kamash and Charlotte R. Potts ; with contributions by E. Bartman [und 18 weiteren] 2023 111