Mythematics : solving the Twelve Labors of Hercules / / Michael Huber.

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Year of Publication:2009
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Physical Description:xix, 183 p. :; ill.
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Table of Contents:
  • The first Labor : the Nemean Lion
  • The second Labor : the Lernean Hydra
  • The third Labor : the Hind of Ceryneia
  • The fourth Labor : the Erymanthian Boar
  • The fifth Labor : the Augean Stables
  • The sixth Labor : the Stymphalian Birds
  • The seventh Labor : the Cretan Bull
  • The eighth Labor : the Horses of Diomedes
  • The ninth Labor : the Belt of Hippolyte
  • The tenth Labor : Geryon's Cattle
  • The eleventh Labor : the Apples of the Hesperides
  • The twelfth Labor : Cerberus
  • Appendix A. The Labors and subject areas of mathematics
  • Appendix B. Hercules before the Labors
  • Appendix C. The authors of the Hercules myth
  • Appendix D. The Laplace Transform
  • Appendix E. solution to the sudoku puzzles.