Peter Wagner

Peter Wagner may refer to:

* Peter Wagner (Manitoba politician) (1916–1995), Canadian politician, member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba * Peter Wagner (social theorist), German social theorist * Peter J. Wagner (born 1964), American paleontologist and Smithsonian curator * Peter Joseph Wagner (1795–1884), American politician, U.S. Representative from New York * C. Peter Wagner (1930–2016), American religious leader, seminary professor * Peavy Wagner (born 1964), German heavy metal musician, lead singer and bass player for the band Rage * Pete Wagner (born 1955), political cartoonist, activist, author and caricature artist Provided by Wikipedia
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Participants: Mota, Aurea, [ VerfasserIn, VerfasserIn ]; Wagner, Peter, [ VerfasserIn ]; Wagner, Peter, [ VerfasserIn, VerfasserIn ]
Published: [2022]
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Participants: Wagner, Peter, [ TeilnehmendeR ]
Published: 2017.
Other Authors: ...Wagner, Peter,...
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Participants: Wagner, Peter, 1949- [ TeilnehmendeR ]
Published: 1996.
Superior document: European cultures ; 6
Other Authors: ...Wagner, Peter, 1949-...
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Participants: Wagner, Peter, 1956 September 18- [ TeilnehmendeR ]
Published: 2017.
Superior document: Annual of European and global studies
Other Authors: ...Wagner, Peter, 1956 September 18-...

Participants: Rippl, Gabriele, [ TeilnehmendeR ]
Published: [2015]
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...Wagner, Peter --...
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