Shinran ([[Important Cultural Properties of Japan|ICP]]) ([[Nara National Museum]]) was a Japanese Buddhist monk, who was born in Hino (now a part of Fushimi, Kyoto) at the turbulent close of the Heian Period and lived during the Kamakura Period. Shinran was a pupil of Hōnen and the founder of what ultimately became the sect of Japanese Buddhism. Provided by Wikipedia
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Participants: Shinran 1173-1263 [ VerfasserIn ]; 梶山, 雄一 / Kajiyama, Yūichi 1925-2004 [ ÜbersetzerIn ]
Published: Shōwa, 62nen, [1987]
Publisher: 中央公論社 / Chūō Kōronsha
Superior document: Daijō bukkyō 22