Wilhelm Schulze

Wilhelm Schulze (10 December 1920, Leipzig – 30 December 2002) was a German professor of veterinary medicine and director of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover (1966–68, 1978–80 and 1980-81) who specialized in pigs.

Schulze studied veterinary medicine at Leipzig University and at Hanover University, and became a professor (1950–56) and dean (1952–55) in Leipzig. In 1957 he was appointed a professor in Hanover and established a highly regarded clinic specializing in pigs.

In 1968 he was a founder of the International Pig Veterinary Society (IPVS). His dedication to his favoured species earned him the nickname "Pigs-Schulze" ("Schweine-Schulze") among students, colleagues and vets.

Schulze was awarded honorary degrees of the Free University of Berlin, the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, the University of Warsaw and Leipzig University.

On August 24, 2006, the university decided to posthumously name a prize after him. Provided by Wikipedia
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