Otto Rössler

Rössler at the [[Transmediale]] in January 2008 Otto Eberhard Rössler (born 20 May 1940) is a German biochemist known for his work on chaos theory and the theoretical equation known as the Rössler attractor. He is best known to the general public for his involvement in a failed lawsuit to halt the Large Hadron Collider due to fears that it would generate mini black holes. Provided by Wikipedia
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Participants: Altheim, Franz, [ VerfasserIn, VerfasserIn ]; Graberg, Maria-Luise v. [ TeilnehmendeR ]; Höfner, Maria. [ TeilnehmendeR ]; Jamme, Albert. [ TeilnehmendeR ]; Krause, Martin. [ TeilnehmendeR ]; ...
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