Johann Heiss

Vulcan Johann Heiss, or Heiß (19 June 1640, Memmingen – February 1704, Augsburg) was a German painter in the Baroque style, known for historical, Biblical and mythological scenes. Provided by Wikipedia
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Participants: Heiss, Johann [ HerausgeberIn ]
Published: 2005
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Participants: Antweiler, Christoph, [ MitwirkendeR ]; Appadurai, Arjun, [ MitwirkendeR ]; Asad, Talal, [ MitwirkendeR ]; Barros, Flávia Lessa de, [ MitwirkendeR ]; Beck, Ulrich, [ MitwirkendeR ]; ...
Published: [2014]
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Other Authors: ...Heiss, Johann,...
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