Steven Collins

Steven Collins is a computer scientist who has founded and acted as CTO of several companies in the area of computer graphics and video games. Formerly a professor of computer graphics in the Department of Computer Science in Trinity College, Dublin, was co-manager of the GV2 Research Group. Born in Dundalk, County Louth, his interests in computing began with the Commodore 64 where he single-handedly developed and released the games ''Badlands'' and ''Herobotix''.

He is also a co-founder of Havok, a company which provides physics simulation software for computer games and films. The company was sold to Intel in September 2007 for €76M.

In 2005, he was recognized by ''PC Gamer'' magazine as being one of the top 50 game industry influencers of that year.

In 2007, Collins started the MSc in Interactive Entertainment Technology course in Trinity College Dublin, where he acts as course director and lectures in real-time rendering. He is quoted as saying that the course was started in order to educate the "future captains of industry" in reference to the games industry. Both Collins and Hugh Reynolds were awarded the Trinity College Dublin Innovation Award for 2007, for their work in co-founding Havok. In March 2008, Collins and Reynolds co-founded ''"Kore Virtual Machines"'', a company dedicated to designing computer gaming virtual machines, using the Lua programming language. In October 2007, Kore was purchased by Havok and integrated into their software suite as ''Havok Script''. Collins is currently Chief Technology Officer of King Digital Entertainment, a leading mobile game publisher. Provided by Wikipedia
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