Ācārya Bhāviveka, also called Bhāvaviveka (; ), and Bhavya was a sixth-century (c. 500 – c. 570) madhyamaka Buddhist philosopher. Alternative names for this figure also include Bhavyaviveka, Bhāvin, Bhāviviveka, Bhagavadviveka and Bhavya. Bhāviveka is the author of the ''Madhyamakahrdaya'' (''Heart of the Middle''), its auto-commentary the ''Tarkajvālā'' (''Blaze of Reasoning'') and the ''Prajñāpradīpa'' (''Lamp for Wisdom'').

In Tibetan Buddhism Bhāviveka is regarded as the founder of the svātantrika tradition of mādhyamaka, as opposed to the prāsaṅgika madhyamaka of Chandrakirti.

There is also another later author called Bhāvaviveka who wrote another set of madhyamaka texts. He is sometimes called Bhāvaviveka II by modern scholars''.'' Provided by Wikipedia
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