Gary Beckman

Gary Michael Beckman (born 1948) is a noted Hittitologist and Professor of Hittite and Mesopotamian Studies from the University of Michigan. He has written several books on the Hittites: his publication ''Hittite Diplomatic Texts'' and ''Hittite Myths'' were both republished twice—in 1991 and 1999 respectively. As a Hittitologist, Professor Gary Beckman also wrote an article on Hittite Chronology in ''Akkadica'' 119-120 (2000) while he served as an editor of the 2003 book ''Hittite Studies in Honor of Harry A. Hoffner, Jr: On the Occasion of His 65th Birthday''. Beckman also composed a book review on Trevor Bryce's influential book, ''The Kingdom of the Hittites'' in Bryn Mawr. __NOTOC__ Dr. Beckman participated as an academic advisor for the 2003 Tolga Örnek film "Hititler" (or "Hittites" in English) which discussed the history and culture of the Hittites. In 2008, Professor Beckman reviewed a book concerning "regime change" and their impact upon local societies in the Middle East from ancient times to the modern era. He observed that cultural and administrative changes did not typically happen until approximately two generations (or 50 years) had passed from the overthrow of the previous ruling regime. Provided by Wikipedia
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