Georges Van Den Abbeele

Georges Van Den Abbeele is a literary scholar, culture critic, philosopher, and writer. He is Professor of Humanities at the University of California at Irvine, with appointments in the departments of English, and European Languages and Studies, with affiliated appointments in Comparative Literature, Classics, and philosophy, as well as the PhD Program in Culture and Theory.

Trained as a scholar of French literature and philosophy, Van Den Abbeele has published over 70 articles on travel narrative, tourism and immigration, contemporary philosophy, critical theory, human geography, and Renaissance literature. He is the author of ten books and edited volumes, including ''Travel as Metaphor: From Montaigne to Rousseau'', ''Community at Loose Ends'' (with the Miami Theory Collective), ''A World of Fables'' (with Brenda Schildgen), ''French Civilization and its Discontents'' (with Tyler Stovall), and ''Sense and Singularity: Jean-Luc Nancy and the Interruption of Philosophy .'' Van Den Abbeele is also well-recognized for his translations into English of French philosopher, Jean-François Lyotard.

Van Den Abbeele is a member of the European Academy of Sciences, and is the recipient of its Blaise Pascal medal for his significant contributions to the human and social sciences. He is a former NEH and Mellon Fellow. He is also a Founding Editorial board member of ''LIT&TOUR: International Journal of Literature and Tourism Research'', and an Editorial board member of ''The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation'', and formerly of ''Davis Medieval Texts and Studies''. Provided by Wikipedia
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