Past Lectures

Thursday, 15.04.2021

Nouveautés concernant l’Artémision d’Éphèse

Lilli Zabrana (OeAI)

E-Lecture (via Zoom), Nancy (France) 
Organizer: Histoire et Cultures de l'Antiquité et du Moyen Âge, Université de Lorraine


Mason Marks at the Selçuk Aquaeduct

Lilli Zabrana (OeAI)

E-Lecture, Istanbul (DAI)
Organizer: 2nd Session of DAI Research Network “Building, Building Economy and Building
Sites”, Workshop ‘Observations from Anastylosis and Stone‐By‐Stone Reconstructions on the Human Factor in Building’


Friday -Saturday,

Temenos and Territory of the Ephesian Artemision

Lilli Zabrana (OeAI)

E-Lecture, Istanbul (via Zoom)
Organizer: DAI Network 'Building and Building Economy', DAI Instanbul 


Thursday, 19.12.2019

Temenos und Territorium des römischen Artemis –Heiligtums von Ephesos: Erste Forschungsergebnisse und geplante Vorhaben

Lilli Zabrana (OeAI)

Lecture, Vienna
Organizer: Internal Workshop at the OeAI, Vienna


Friday, 22.11.2019

Zum Umgang mit Fremden in Ephesos anhand der hellenistischen Bürgerrechtsverleihungen aus dem Artemision

Vera Hofmann (IKAnt)

Lecture, Vienna
Organizer: Workshop Global Epigraphy. Wahrnehmung und Darstellung von Fremdem in Inschriften, Institute for Medieval Research, OeAW, Vienna


Saturday, 16.11.2019

The inscriptions from the Artemision: a first volume of the corpus of Ephesos (TAM VI.1 1)

Vera Hofmann (IKAnt)

Lecture, London
Organizer: Autumn Colloquium of the British Epigraphy Society at the Institute of Classical Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London


Sunday, 14.07.2019

Guide Tour and Presentation of the ongoing Artemision Project

Lilli Zabrana (OeAI)

The Inscriptions from the Artemision

Vera Hofmann (IKAnt)

Guide Tour and Lecture, Ephesos (Turkey)
Organizer: Summer School Cluster Archaeology and Classics (CLAC) ‘Transformations from Prehistory to History in the Lower Kaystros valley/Turkey, Excavation house Ephesos, OeAI