Workshop: Across Borders and Cultures: New approaches to Egyptian and Nubian Archaeology


09:00 Welcome Address and Introduction

  • Michael Alram, Vicepresident of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
  • Abdelrahman Ali Mohammed, General Director of the National Authority for Antiquities and Museums in Sudan
  • Julia Budka, Project Leader “Across Ancient Borders and Cultures”, OREA/LMU

9.30-10.15 Julia Budka, Across ancient borders and culture Borders – a short summary of 5 years of research in Egypt and Sudan

10.15-10.45 Coffee break


Architecture and documentation techniques (Chair: Julia Budka)

10.45-11.30  Cornelius von Pilgrim, An unusual building in the town of the late 17th and early 18th  Dynasty at Elephantine

11.30-12.15 Ingrid Adenstedt and Robert Kalasek, Laser Scanning and 3D reconstructions of Pharaonic architecture on Sai Island

12.15-13.00  Martin Fera and Cajetan Geiger, Structure from Motion and Kite Aerial Photography on Sai Island

13.00-14.00 Lunch break


Bioarchaeology and natural sciences (Chair: Katharina Rebay-Salisbury)

14.00-14.30 Andrea Stadlmayr and Marlies Wohlschlager, Human Remains from Sai Island

14.30-15.00 Michaela Binder, Human Remains from Amara West

15.00-15.30 Thomas Prohaska and Anika Retzmann, Human mobility along the Nile: Strontium isotope analyses for migration studies in ancient Nubia

15.30-16.00 Helmut Sattmann, Mollusks from Sai Island

16.00-16.30 Coffee break


Material culture and archaeometry (Chair: Manfred Bietak)

16.30-17.00 Johannes Sterba and Giulia D’Ercole, Instrumental Neutron Activiation Anaylsis as application to understand origins of ceramics

17.00-17.30 Sabine Tschorn, Fayence-Schalen von der Insel Sai

17.30-18.00  Julia Budka, Hans Reschreiter and Daniela Penzer, Experimental Archaeology – cooking like an Egyptian


18.00              Closing/final discussion

Workshop Programme (PDF)

List of Speakers

Ingrid Adenstedt
Michaela Binder
Julia Budka
Giulia D’Ercole
Martin Fera
Cajetan Geiger
Robert Kalasek
Daniela Penzer
Cornelius von Pilgrim
Thomas Prohaska
Hans Reschreiter
Anika Retzmann
Helmut Sattmann
Andrea Stadlmayr
Johannes Sterba
Sabine Tschorn
Marlies Wohlschlager 

main aims of the workshop

1)    Present results of research beyond traditional barriers of disciplines to both fellow archaeologists and scientists and the interested public;

2)    Showcase Egyptian/Nubian settlement archaeology as potential trigger for an interdisciplinary archaeology with a strong focus on archaeological sciences because of excellent working conditions due to a good state of preservation;

All members of the Young Academy and Austrian Academy of Sciences as well as all other members of the research community are invited to participate in the discussion of possible future developments and the potential of archaeology, archaeometry and other interdisciplinary fields.