Univ.-Prof. Manfred NEUBERGER, M.D. Emeritus

Dpmt. Preventive Medicine
Institute of Environmental Health
Center of Public Health
Medical University of Vienna
Office: A-1140 Wien, Felbigergasse 3/2/18
Tel.: +431 9147561
e-mail: manfred.neuberger(at)meduniwien.ac.at

Curriculum vitae

Born 1946, married 1975 to Marion (general practitioner), daughter Danja (born 1980; ophthalmologist).
Basic training at College of San Mateo (U.S.A.) and University of Vienna.
ECFMG graduate and M.D. 1971, certified internist 1977, certified in public health & preventive medicine 1980, certified in epidemiology and occupational medicine 1997.
Head of Department of Preventive Medicine at Medical University of Vienna 1980-1989. Deputy director of Vienna Municipal Institute of Environmental Medicine 1989-99.
Full professor at Medical University of Vienna since 1999 (Emeritus 2012).


WHO (International Agency for Research on Cancer, International Program on Chemical Safety,
European Centre for Environment and Health),
United Nations Development Program (Clinical Toxicology),
International Labour Office,
European Commission (DG Research).

Scientific service activities

Board member of societies of toxicology, pneumology, hygiene, occupational and environmental medicine.
Member of scientific committee of European Network for Smoking Prevention (ENSP), of national committees
(e.g. ÖBIG, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology),
and of municipalities (e.g. Vienna City Planning Commission, Vienna Environmental Expert Committee).
Volunteer for Clean Air Commission of Austrian Academy of Science since 1972 (wrote the medical chapters
of first Austrian Air Quality Criteria), member since 1993.
Court surveyor and medical expert in Environmental Impact Assessments of federal ministries and federal state governments.


500 papers and books, mainly on health effects of air pollution, cancer epidemiology and lung disease:

Kommission Klima und Luftqualität


Kommission Klima und Luftqualität
Dr. Ignaz Seipel-Platz 2
1010 Wien
T +43 1 51581-3210